How to Organize Your Closet and Clean Up the Mess


By Jae Curtis

There you are, just trying to grab your favorite sweater after storing it for summer, when all of a sudden, an avalanche of clothes comes crashing down on you.

If you love clothes but lack storage space, you might wonder how to organize your closet, so you can skip the drama and go straight for your favorite pieces. A disorganized closet isn’t only frustrating, it could mean a waste of time and money—as you may spend to replace pieces you’ve misplaced.

Save time, money, and frustration with these tips and closet organizers:

Mix It Up

Most-builder grade closet spaces only offer one type of storage: a couple of rods for hanging clothes, or a few shelves for folding. The ideal organized closet actually has a combination of both, so you can decide how to organize your closet so that it makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

You can purchase customized configurations which offer plenty of hanging and stacking space based on your unique needs. As a general rule, hang dresses, skirts, and blouses—and fold and stack bulkier casual items, such as sweaters and T-shirts.

Do Double Duty

If bedroom real estate comes at a premium in your home, you might not have a ton of closet space for all of your stuff. So, make your bedroom furniture do double duty and act as storage, too.

The Storage Bench Ottoman by Goplus functions as extra shoe storage while adding to the functionality of your bedroom. Put it at the end of your bed to add a new sitting surface to the room and provide more space to store your stuff. You can also use items like under-bed drawers and nightstands as a sneaky way to store shoes, accessories, and smaller items of clothing.

Make It See-Through

Knowing how to organize your closet also means being able to organize your accessories.

10-Compartment Hanging Organizer by Sunbeam from Wayfair

Shoes, scarves, belts, and jewelry have a way of making your space a complete mess. You either end up with stuff on the floor, or you forget about that gorgeous scarf that’s been pushed to the back of your closet.

A genius tip is to purchase a few 10-Compartment Hanging Closet Organizers by Sunbeam to make sense of your accessories. Organize your trinkets by type and don’t overstuff the compartments, so you can always clearly see your favorite things.

Add a Closet

Whether your home lacks closet space or your space is already filled, you can invest in a portable wardrobe to create extra storage.

A Neu Home Wardrobe Center acts as a standalone closet, and it’s genius for organizing your clothes for the work week. Just transfer a week’s worth of outfits, shoes, and accessories to your wardrobe on Sunday night, and you can eliminate the stress and searching for the right clothes throughout the week. A portable wardrobe is also great for areas which lack closet space, such as dorms or guest rooms.

Rotate Clothes Regularly

If you find that you end up wearing the same clothes again and again, or your summer clothes are perpetually mixed in with your winter outfits, try rotating your closet. Wear what you want, but right after a piece is laundered, it goes to the back of the closet—then, you move any similar articles to the front.

The Hanger Project Ultimate Indulgence Set from Neiman MarcusRotating your clothes daily ensures that your pieces stay in great shape (since they aren’t overworn). Just make sure to invest in good-quality hangers, like the Ultimate Indulgence Set by The Hanger Project, so your clothes don’t end up with awkward creases or unsightly snags.

Skip the drama: a well-organized closet means you know exactly where to find your favorite stuff without an avalanche of clothes falling down around you every morning. By taking an afternoon to clean out your closet and organize and rotate your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you can spend less time looking for your clothes and more time enjoying them.

Configure your closet with a unique organizer. Click here to scope out the John Louis Honey Maple Closet System at Sears!


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