Brave Your Winter Commute Without Sacrificing Fashion


By John Montesi

It seems like fall just started, but it’ll soon be time to bundle up for winter, as temperatures begin to plummet and snow blankets the ground.

Across the United States, determined commuters walk to work year-round. Others wish they could, but fear that wet socks or hidden black ice on a manhole cover could ruin their entire day. Thanks to these ingenious products inspired by outdoor adventure and fashion, the winter commute just got a lot warmer and drier (and safer):

Boot Coverage, Loafer Convenience

Many business casual outfits for men make it difficult to wear winter boots, and messing with wet, icy shoes in the lobby of an office building is hardly a nice way to spend the morning—no matter how warm they keep your feet.

Slipping SWIMS Brand Galoshes over your favorite pair of dress shoes keeps them safe and dry while keeping you upright. Winter often has a way of sneak-attacking commuters, but these galoshes are small enough to tuck in your briefcase or backpack, so you’ll never get caught unprepared.

Get Down!

In one way or another, down jackets have been a staple of winter clothing for centuries.

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Jacket, Black, from Neiman MarcusThe HyBridge Lite Jacket from Canada Goose is as beautiful it is warm, which means you never have to feel rushed to remove your sleek, shiny outerwear the moment you enter the workplace.

If you need to bundle up for winter, there’s no better way to do it than surrounding yourself with the same warming material used in the coziest comforters and pillows.

Better Commutes Through Science

Warm gloves are an indispensable part of every winter commuter’s wardrobe. But sometimes gloves just don’t cut it—especially when you’re expected to operate a smartphone or computer keyboard the second you take them off.

Cold fingers make the winter commute as miserable as wet socks, but the Heated Leather Palm Gloves Kit by Flambeau Outdoors combines classy materials (you’re going to work, not skiing Lake Tahoe) and technology to make your commute as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Chains Required

There are roads that require cars to have tire chains on when the weather makes everyone bundle up for winter, and there are sidewalks that should have the same requirement for pedestrians.

Yaktrax Pro Traction Devices for Boots and Shoes, from Bass Pro ShopsThere’s nothing worse than stepping on a patch of ice and hitting the ground, and it only gets worse when you’re already dressed for work and have a long day ahead of (or behind) you. Thankfully, Yaktrax Pro Traction Devices can turn your favorite pair of warm winter boots or shoes into expedition-ready walkers that are suitable for Everest—or a simple walk through your local winter wonderland.

Let It Snow

Whether you walk a block to the train station or a mile to the office, the winter commute can get seriously cold. With these helpful fashion items and accessories, you can show up feeling as warm as any human could ever hope to on a Monday morning—and get home on Friday afternoon ready to enjoy the weekend.

Whether your winter commute is slushy and wet or cold and dry, a down jacket is the best way to keep your body warm and toasty. Click here to scope out the Canada Goose options on Neiman Marcus!


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