5 Simple Home Improvements to Enhance Your Indoor Aesthetic


By Jessica D Festa

Let’s be frank: it can be challenging for many people to take a reflective look at their lives and find the perfect New Year’s resolution for future improvement.

You can be comforted, though, with the knowledge that improving your quality of life doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your daily latte or quitting your job. Instead, simple home improvements can lead to an inspiring, nurturing space to live and thrive in—and can really make a positive difference during 2017.

Here are a few easy updates (which you can complete yourself) that will enhance your house’s interior design:

Add a Design-Centric Touch to Your Coffee Table

The aesthetics of your home influence your mood, and having a living space with style makes it more welcoming.

Circle Copper Tray by Allure by Jay from WayfairStart with the coffee table, which inevitably ends up being a popular hangout. Easy trick: Wayfair recommends adding a cute tray, like this Circle Copper Tray from Allure by Jay, and topping it with some inspiring pieces (think trip souvenirs, flowers, or scented candles).

Now, simply place yourself on the couch with your favorite book . . . and exhale.

Create a Zen Space

Unless you have magical powers, making your to-do list disappear without actually doing it is impossible. As these tasks pile up (along with your stress), give yourself an encouraging space.

No need to find a local mindfulness retreat; just add “create a quiet, comforting space” to your home improvements list. This can be done by using a simple array of natural fabrics and furnishings, plants, and soft lighting. Scented candles work well for this, too. Try the uplifting Seaside Breeze 14-oz. Jar Candle by SONOMA Goods for Life.

Fill the Rooms With Mementos

On particularly rough days, it’s helpful to be reminded of not just what makes you happy, but who. Add this New Year’s resolution to your list by creating a Photo Gallery Grid collage. It’s simpler than it sounds, as you’ll just upload your favorite smile-inducing photos to Shutterfly and have them do all the work. Bonus: these make for excellent sentimental holiday gifts!

4 Tier Seagrass Storage Basket Tower Unit by VonHaus from WayfairClear the Clutter

Having a house full of clutter—even if you’re the type that considers it “organized clutter”—can affect your mental clarity. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of your knickknacks, though placing them out of sight can open up both your home and your mind.

For your home improvements, and New Year’s resolution No. 4, opt for a some stylish storage organizers. The 4-Tier Seagrass Storage Basket Tower Unit by VonHaus works well, as its minimalist, natural look allows for calm.

Create Home Bar

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a world-class host right in their own home, whipping up craft cocktails like a mixologist or leading guests in the perfect wine pairing?

Adding a Bar with Wine Storage from Wildon Home keeps your house extra organized while adding a talking piece and central gathering point. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover your next passion project—or a missed calling in the world of party planning.

Who hasn't dreamed of having a chic in-home bar? Make it a reality in your house with Wildon Home's Bar with Wine Storage. Click here to scope it out on Wayfair now!


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