Beyond the Water Enhancer: 9 Ways to Jazz Up Boring Water


By Bethany Johnson

Congratulations! Your commitment to drink more water is helping to transform you physically and mentally. You’re on your way to a healthier you. Plus, water tastes great!

Actually, it tastes like nothing.

All right, cut the act: drinking tons of water isn’t just a challenge, it’s torture when you’re used to soda, juice, and mmm . . . coffee. Even if you aced your water intake yesterday, today’s quota is staring you down, and tomorrow’s is, too. Honestly, drinking enough water can be a drag.

What you need is a water enhancer to jazz up your hydration regimen. Better yet, here are nine ways to add interest to an otherwise, well, boring drink.

1. Infuse Your Daily Bottle

Each morning, chop up some of your favorite produce (cucumber slices, mint leaves, citrus wheels, berries, etc.) and stick a few pieces into your favorite bottle to infuse your water throughout the day.

2. Drink Smarter
Infusing water with fresh produce is great, but you may become annoyed by the fruity pieces floating up and hitting your lips. Lucky for you, 13-year-old entrepreneur Carter Kostler invented a way to sip your drink without that annoyance. Snag a bottle with an approach to infusing water that’s similar to Kostler’s, like the 20-ounce Isabela Fruit Infuser by Zipcode Design. If you have sensitive teeth, this snazzy idea is for you.

3. Switch It Up
Your natural fruit water enhancer may inspire you for a week or so, but your taste buds will eventually get bored again. Hit your favorite search engine for creative water infusion recipes. Or better yet, join an active social media group that shares ideas for a steady stream of inspiration.

You’ll find creative water enthusiasts using spices, tea leaves, and other interesting additives you’re sure to enjoy. Get the all of the ingredients delivered to your door by ordering through FreshDirect.

4. Enhance Water’s Visual Appeal
Store your water in a beautiful Ice and Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Prodyne, so it’s a pleasure to pour. If you’ve infused your drink with fruit, the see-through pitcher will help to catch your eye every time you’re ready for a refill.

5. Upgrade Your Take-Along
If you keep your water bottle close throughout the day, you’re more likely to drink your quota. And of the two options—a disposable plastic bottle and, say, an Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Growler Bottle by EcoVessel—which would you keep closer? When you’re more likely to have water in hand, you’re more likely to drink it.

6. Use a Commercial Water Enhancer
Don’t have your own backyard palm tree for fresh coconuts? No problem. Improve your water with a Dasani Drops Flavor Enhancer instead. When you can’t chop fresh fruits for infusions, rely on a few drops of inspiring flavor.

7. Get Technical
Download a mobile app like iDrated Water that reminds you when to drink and offers insights like hydration stats for the last seven days, so you can track your trends.

8. Challenge a Buddy
If you’re outgoing, a little friendly competition can be just the water enhancer you really need to push the envelope. Start an online social club or group text with health-minded friends to encourage each other. Every day, post an inspiring quote, a picture of your infused water, or a report on how you’ve been doing.

9. Go Back to the Source
Before trying any of these smart water enhancer options, be sure you’re starting with a clean slate. Get bottled-water quality with filtration that removes impurities and chemicals that can alter the taste of your water. Try a countertop filter like the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter by APEC. Bonus: it’s portable, so your new commitment to drink more water can go wherever you go.

Don’t put up with boring old water. Shake things up with a few of these ideas and you’ll find you drink more water without forcing yourself.

Water doesn't have to be boring. Jazz it up by infusing your favorite fruit and bringing it with you. Click here to scope out the EcoVessel Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Growler Bottle at Kohl's!


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