Celebrate Football Playoffs With These Unique Gifts


By Megan Koester

For football fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . football playoffs!

If your loved one is counting down the days until the big game, help them celebrate by getting them a gift that commemorates the love they have for their favorite team. But you shouldn’t get them just any present. Jerseys? Blankets? Most football-branded items are boring and predictable.

Buying the football fanatic in your life something fun and quirky (that isn’t like other gifts) will help get them even more psyched about playoff season. They’ll love showing these new items off to their friends, and you’ll feel like the perfect gift-giver. It’s a win-win!

Here are some great gifts associated with the teams that battled during this season’s football playoffs:

New York Giants

Ravenously following the on-field action can certainly stir up a person’s appetite. Even though the New York Giants’ season has ended, the team-themed Picnic Table Sport by Picnic Time is perfect for tailgating or hosting friends in your home—it’s foldable, which makes it easy to transport, and seats four comfortably.

Nothing goes better with a entertaining game than a super snack. The New York Giants Circo Cheese Board by Picnic Time will get a lot of use, week after week, leading up to the big game. It comes with four cheese knives and a large cutting surface emblazoned with the recipient’s favorite team logo.

Dallas Cowboys

In the Wild West, cowboys didn’t have a lot of comfort; after all, riding a horse all day isn’t exactly a spa-like experience. Here in the modern day, however, comfort is a requirement—especially when you’re watching the championship game.

NFL Recliner by Imperial from WayfairA kid-sized Dallas Cowboys Recliner by Imperial will let the pint-sized football fan in your life stretch out in luxury—it even has a cup holder for their soda. Sure, they’ll be on the edge of their seat during the game, but what a comfy edge it’ll be!

Want to find a cute, unique gift they’re sure to not already have? The gnome knows! The adorable Team Gnome from Kohl’s will look great wherever the recipients decide to put it, from their lawn to their living room. Looking at it will always give them a chuckle and lift their spirits . . . even if their team doesn’t make it to the big game this year.

NFL Bean Bag Chair by Northwest Co. from WayfairGreen Bay Packers

Watching the football playoffs can be nerve-wracking, but it’s hard to be anything but cool, calm, and collected when you’re sitting in a bean bag chair.

The Green Bay Packers Bean Bag Chair by Northwest Company is as soft as it is sturdy, and can easily be wiped clean if any guests happen to spill a drink on it (which is yet another reason to stay chill)!

It's time to tailgate! This New England Patriots picnic table is perfect for hanging out with friends outside the arena—or in your own backyard. Click here to scope one out at Sears!


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