Sports at Winter Resorts for Non-Skiers (Like You)


By Corey Whelan

If the adorable clumsiness that you’re known for has kept you off the ski slopes, winter activities are probably not your strong suit—and that’s OK. Just because you’ve never learned to ski doesn’t mean you’re destined to miss out on wintertime sports and activities.

There are plenty of things to do at winter resorts for non-skiers. So bundle up, say goodbye to your couch (and that half-eaten bag of corn chips) and get ready to have a blast all winter long.

Trek It

Spending time trekking along snow-glazed walking paths and mountainous hiking trails is a great way to flex your athletic muscles. Trekking poles can provide you with added stability and increase your overall endurance, so you can explore wilderness areas fully, in ways a skier just can’t do. The durable Trekking Walking Hiking Sticks by Goplus conveniently fold up, so you can take a break when its time to sit down at a local cafe.

Even though you’re not hitting the slopes, make sure to pack really warm hiking boots so frozen toes don’t cut your trek or other winter activities short. The Altitude V i Waterproof Hiking Boots by Hi-Tec feature thick, toe-warming padding, high-rebound midsoles, and moisture-wicking liners.

Tube It

Remember the breathless feeling you had as a kid, giddily sliding down hills in the snow? Tubing is a lot like that. One of the most enjoyable activities available at winter resorts for non-skiers and skiers alike, this easy-to-master sport requires no training. Many resorts have snow tubing parks. Others will just point you toward the bunny slope and tell you to have a blast. Either way, you’re going to love this activity.

Definitely opt in to buying your own tube. That way, you can use it on water all summer long, as well as on snow come wintertime. The durable 45″ Swim & Snow Adventure Tube by Trans American Rubber is a great choice. It’s UV-protected, tear-resistant, and perfectly sized for both kids and adults. To fully enjoy tubing, you’ll need to gear up in insulated pants. The Insulated Snowsport Pants for Men or Insulated Snow Pants for Women by Arctix are toasty weather-proofing options.

All-Terrain It

If you haven’t tried fat biking yet, you’re in for an awesome adventure. Specifically designed with oversized tires and large rims, fat bikes help you conquer snowy terrain, sand, and other rough-road conditions.

If you’ve always wondered what was just over that faraway hill in the distance, here’s your opportunity to find out. The 26″ Dolomite 7-Speed All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike by Mongoose will take you where no skier dares to tread. It’s lightweight, durable, stable, and super cool to look at and ride.

You don’t have to ski to enjoy a cozy snow lodge. Winter resorts for non-skiers range from rustic to sumptuous and are filled with chic boutiques, indoor gaming rooms, and cozy, hot-buttered-rum-serving watering holes with fun après-ski vibes. You’ll definitely want to build in snuggle time next to a roaring fireplace, but don’t miss out on the many alternative outdoor winter activities ski resorts have to offer.

Fat biking is an all-terrain sport you won't want to miss this winter! Click here to scope out a 26" Mongoose Dolomite Men's 7-Speed All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike from Walmart and get in on the fun!


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