Can a Digital Wallet Save the Day?


By Bethany Johnson

Wondering what a digital wallet looks like in action? Meet Molly.

Molly’s a tech-savvy millennial who loves sharing her new favorites with others. From sale alerts and crazy-good movies, to adventurous new foods, time-saving shortcuts and new ways to use her credit card securely, Molly is an evangelist at heart.

Avoiding the Meter Maid’s Ire

As Molly heads to meet her mother for brunch, she realizes that she doesn’t have any loose change to feed the meter with. She arrives at the restaurant and finds a prime parking spot right in front—but instead of worrying about where she can get some quarters, she whips our her phone and pulls up her Parkmobile app, which is synced up to her Masterpass digital wallet. With a few clicks, she’s paid for the spot and knows exactly how long she’s allowed to stay before having to pay again.

Parkmobile meter

Of course, the conversation during the meal with her mother is wonderfully engaging, so the hour almost flies by without Molly noticing. Thankfully, before she’s at risk of getting a ticket, she is able to pull up her Parkmobile app and extend her parking by another 30 minutes, so she has more time to gab about family. She doesn’t even have to leave her spot at the table to do this, which amazes her mother.

Splitting the Bill and Paying Securely

The curiosity that Molly’s mom shows about her digital wallet leads Molly to explain the concept over a nice, light dessert. Her mom’s frustration with low lights in restaurants, coupled with the need to find the right cash, is the perfect recipe for Molly to share a heroic shortcut like Masterpass.

When the check arrives, she’s already explained how to review and sort the bill on CakePay (available at The Cheesecake Factory) and how to pay with Masterpass, which has securely stored her credit card. Molly even teaches her mom how to screenshot the confirmation page to post online for her “bridge group” friends to ogle.

After the impromptu tutorial, Molly notices that time has slipped away again. She doesn’t have any time to wait around for the check, and doesn’t want to inconvenience her mom, but she needs to depart the restaurant as soon as possible. Instead of making a scene (or sheepishly asking her mother to cover the meal) Molly calmly takes out her smartphone, pulls up their check, calculates the tip, pays for it with one click, and puts the phone away.

CakePay for Masterpass

Kissing her mother goodbye, Molly heads to her rendezvous with friends (the new Liam Hemsworth flick is finally in theaters).

Securing Movie Tickets Ahead of Showtime

Exultant and excited, Molly heads to meet up with her BFFs in the ticket line. One of her friends mentions that there’s rumored to be a special Hemsworth preview before the feature, but Molly doesn’t hear her friend. She’s busy calculating.

With a line this long—and only three minutes to showtime—the odds of the movie selling out were not in their favor. Molly quickly gets her phone out, opens the Fandango app and finds their movie. Once she finds the correct showtime, Molly swiftly advances to the payment screen and clicks the Masterpass button to pay. Voila! No lines.

As she ducks the rope and heads for the concessions, Molly’s beaming friends follow behind. The freedom to indulge her whims suits her just fine.

Don't argue with the parking officer (who, honestly, is doing a good job). Use Masterpass to prolong your meter time with Parkmobile and give him a fist-bump, instead. Click here to get set up!


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