End of Winter Family Fun: Enjoying the Season’s Final Days


By Corey Whelan

Kids and snow may go together, but by the time they’ve built their 80th ice fort, they’re likely as over winter as you are.

While you’re all waiting out the start of spring, try playing indoor games together. Still-too-cold weather calls for warm, cozy afternoon craft sessions and kid-friendly projects the whole family can enjoy. Here are some easy ideas to get you all stoked for the end of winter:

Get Goopy

Tactile, hands-on activities are imagination-boosters for kids. If you’re looking to keep your young ones from bouncing off the walls, try crafts you can create using stuff around the house, like rubber bands, stray pieces of yarn, and buttons. Kids can design masterpieces from all sorts of everyday doodads if you throw in glue, scotch tape, and construction paper.

You can also make goop. Kids love the not-quite-solid, not-quite-liquid texture of homemade goop, and it’s so easy to make (the Instructables blog will show you how).

All you need is corn starch, water, a zip lock bag, and some food coloring. Give kids their choice of colors, and they’ll be busily ensconced in Goopville for hours. The classic McCormick’s Food Colors & Egg Dye kit—which FreshDriect can deliver right to your door—includes drop-controlled vials of green, red, blue, and yellow coloring. Let the kids mix together the red and blue, and voila, this kid-friendly project turns into a color theory class. Throw glitter into your goop for an added “princessy” touch. The Glitter Shakers Ultra-Fine Glitter set includes eight shimmery colors plus a glue applicator you can use for making other crafts.

Game On

Even if they don’t act like it at times, your children want nothing more than to spend time doing kid-friendly projects with you. Playing games together as a family can be a hoot, plus, it will create memories that you’ll fondly look back on long past the end of winter.

If you’re looking for a great family game, you can’t go wrong with Scrabble, Monopoly, or Classic Jenga. Kids of all ages love Jenga, because they get to pit their stacking skills against their parents’.

When you’re (finally) Jenga-ed out, try reaching for a simple deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. You can teach your kids all sorts of games: go fish, war, gin rummy, and even poker. They’ll probably be shocked to learn that solitaire isn’t just a desktop computer game.

Build Stuff

Tell your kids you want to spend some time on STEM activities, and they’ll probably run for their rooms . . . and stay there until the end of winter eventually becomes next summer. However, tell them you want to play games and build stuff together with Roylco Straws & Connectors, and you’ll be their cold-weather hero. The set of 705 multi-colored pieces is a surefire imagination-sparker, bound to please any budding engineer. There’s no end to what you can build with this set, so clear the living room and get ready to hang out in your child’s hand-made creation.

Perfect for budding engineers and tiny architects, this 705-piece, multicolored Roylco Straws & Connectors set is available at Office Depot! Click here to scope it out and start building cool stuff today.


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