Snowball Fights and Epic Winter Fun: Must-Have Gear


By Jessica D Festa

There’s nothing more enchanting to a child than a lush snowfall.

Along with making snow angels and building snowmen, it’s fun to get a snowball fight going to really enhance winter fun and get the kids active through play. Luckily, there’s still time before you have to pack up the coats and break out the shorts and sandals.

Kick your next snowball fight up a notch (while staying safe) with the following tips:

Gear Up

Bundling up to stay warm and dry while having winter fun is essential. Think layers, with your base being a long-sleeve, moisture-wicking garment to regulate body temperature. Merino wool is a great fabric for this. You can check out Orvis’s selection of Smartwool shirts, leggings, socks, and more to ensure you and the kids don’t experience any perceptible changes in temperature.

Grab a merino wool hoodie or zip-up to go over your base layers. Depending on how cold it is outside, you could use a goose down coat (maybe even one with a nylon shell) for added warmth. Additionally, dropping a few Heat Pax Body Warmers by Techniche into socks and gloves allows your family to enjoy a little extra heat—even in the snow!

Throw the Perfect Snowball

Looking for extra protection from the cold? The Snowball Throwing Stick by Snofling lets you make a snowball without even getting your hands wet. It looks like a long plunger, and you can stick the bottom into the snow for an instant snowball. From there, crank it back like you’re pitching a baseball and throw.

Best of all, you’ll get extra distance using the launcher, so you can back up (or even hide) 30 feet away and still hit your target. With less fuss needed to shape the perfect frozen projectile, your backyard battles could last a while.

Have a Fun Snowball-Throwing Arsenal on Hand

For those looking to have a serious snowball fight, you’ll need more than one tool to win the friendly family war. Here’s where the 4-in-1 Super Snowball Fun Kit by Airhead comes in. Crafting a perfectly-sized 3.5-inch snowball is an art. Luckily, even great artists employ the help of tools. The kit comes with a snowball grenade maker, a mini cannon, a slingshot, and a scoop launcher to shoot your cool creations. Talk about serious winter fun!

Add Another Element to the Fun

Okay, so you’ve got your snowball set and your winter gear and you’re ready to go—but what if you could add another element that could give each player some speed? A Rally Snow Tube is awesome on its own, but in the context of a snowball fight, it can take the experience to a whole new level of laughter. Set your snowball war up like an obstacle course. Start the fight toward the top of a hill, with the rule being that, once a person gets three hits, they can tube down the hill to win.

Throw Snowballs . . . Indoors

If your heart just stopped thinking of cold, soaking-wet furniture and muddy footprints on the carpet, breathe easy. If the snow fairies don’t answer your calls for a fresh blanket of snow, you can use Pretend Indoor Snowballs by Snowtime Anytime (they’re dry!) to create the fun inside.

There are a ton of indoor snowball activities you can have fun with in addition to the standard “throwing snowballs at each other.” One suggestion is to create a pyramid of plastic cups (picture the carnival game with the milk bottles) and have your kids try to knock them down with the snowballs. Whoever knocks them down in the fewest attempts wins. If everyone is feeling the carnival theme, why not treat your family to a Carnival Snow Cone Maker by Nostalgia Electronics? Then you can enjoy snow all year-round!

Forget handmade snowballs. With a 4-in-1 snowball kit, you'll have a full snowball launching arsenal! Click here to scope it out on Rakuten.


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