Find Fitness Motivation with New Workout Gear


By Jay Croft

Countless Americans started 2017 with a resolution to get into better shape—and lots of them made a grand start by joining a gym, tracking steps, or starting a fitness class.

Even if you did just that, you might need a jolt of fitness motivation, now that it’s a few months into the year. And what better time than spring to jazz up your efforts with new workout gear? Whatever fitness type you fall into, look to these items to elevate your gym game:

Stock Up on Cool New Gear

Start with a workout bag you can fill with fun, useful items to keep you moving. You want something sleek, odor-resistant, and big enough to hold your gear but not so large someone will confuse it with a diva’s luggage. Take a look at the women’s Gym Bag by New Balance; its features include a detachable shoulder strap, NB-Fresh lining, a pocket for your phone, and a zip shoe compartment.

The stylish gym bag is the right size to toss over your shoulder and hit the road, but don’t forget to throw in a pair of Level U Wireless Headphones by Samsung so you can keep the beat when running (or listen to your favorite podcasts while lifting weights). They’re high quality, with a price tag that won’t break your heart if you should lose them on a hiking trail somewhere, either.

Dress Like You Mean It

People tend to get a kick of fitness motivation from new workout gear that looks good, makes a statement, and offers support and moisture control. Sure, you already know about Under Armour—but you might not know that Walmart is a great place to pick and choose from this hip, high-quality brand at great prices. There are tons of options to choose from, including leggings, tank tops, polo shirts, socks, and fleece pullovers, to name a few. This is a smart way to build versatile outfits for the gym and layered protection for outdoor activities in all kinds of weather.

Plus, the stretchy feel and fun colors have a way of complementing everybody’s body type, rather than highlighting every little flaw. Who doesn’t want a little help like that? Consider an electric splash of color with the brand’s Perfect Tight Fitted Capris in orange, or the more subdued Base 4.0 Leggings, or even the Fleece Lined Yoga Pants.

Incorporate Some Travel

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some find it helpful to have an event to train for, say a 10K or a mini-triathlon in another city. Talk to your local running club or go online to find a race and location that you can set as a goal, and then visit JetBlue to book your trip. Making a plan with a deadline—and some excitement—will keep you focused this spring.

The Payoff

The best fitness motivation is having something (usually a beach bod) to work toward. You’ll be ready to show off those athletic curves with versatility and style in a smashing one-piece, with a matching bag and a pair of shorts. The chic La Blanca beachwear outfit combines all of that, and the brightly colored suit is designed for fit and comfort, so you can actually, you know, swim in it. Once you’re done frolicking in the sun and sand, slip on the shorts when it’s time for lunch or cocktails. You’ve earned it.

"Live, Love, Play" seems like a good motto to get in shape this spring. Walmart has all the Under Armour fashions you need in the gym and outside. Click here to scope out the brand's stylish tank top.


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