Adventurous Spring Travel Ideas for 2017


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Looking for a few spring travel ideas for the upcoming season? Springtime presents the perfect opportunity for exploring new US destinations.

The weather is starting to heat up around the country, the flowers are in bloom, and there are exciting events happening all over. Whether you’re into concerts, local festivals, or sporting events, there is something to do for you and all your friends. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

National Cherry Blossom Festival (March 20–April 16)

Consider heading to one of the top US destinations, Washington, D.C., to witness the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom this year. While you’re there, you can see exciting live performances, participate in the annual parade, and go to the signature event: a fireworks show.

South by Southwest (March 10–19)

Want to check out some great music and comedy—and get a little networking in during your spring travel? Head on over to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. While you’re dining on delicious BBQ ribs and listening to some local and national indie acts, you can rub elbows with the leaders of today and tomorrow at insightful social impact, journalism, and startup village conferences. There’s something for everyone here.

Arnold Palmer Invitational (March 13–19)

Do you love golf? Want to get away to one of the most enjoyable springtime US destinations: Orlando, Florida? Then swing by the Arnold Palmer Invitational, presented by Mastercard, and experience this year’s installment of the historic golf tournament. The storied event’s past winners include Tiger Woods, Matt Every, and Arnold Palmer himself, of course.

Memphis Comedy Festival (March 9–12)

You work hard all year, so during your spring travel, take a few minutes to sit back and laugh. Fly over to the Memphis Comedy Festival to support some up-and-comers, shout out suggestions at improv showcases, and maybe even hop up on stage yourself at an open-mic. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans (March 11–April 1)

St. Patrick’s Day may only happen once a year, but in New Orleans, it’s nearly a month-long celebration. Honor your Irish heritage and have a blast in one of the top US destinations for partying by attending the block parties and parades happening throughout the city in March.

What You’ll Need to Bring

Before you head out anywhere for spring travel, remember to pack the following four items to guarantee you have a smooth trip.

  1. A Comfortable Travel Pillow
    The Inflatable Travel Pillow by Travel Inspira is a necessity—whether you’re taking a plane or a bus, or sitting in the passenger seat of your friend’s car. It’ll keep your neck from feeling stiff and help you get a few hours of shuteye in between all your fun activities.
  2. A Solar Charger
    If you’re outdoors all day, it can be hard to keep your phone charged. That’s where the 12000mAh Portable Shockproof Waterproof Solar Charger comes in handy. You can plug it in to the wall and then take it with you to keep your phone juiced all day. In emergencies, you can switch to the solar option to ensure you always have the extra boost you need.
  3. A Pair of Awesome Sneakers
    Though you may love your Louboutins, they’re going to hurt your feet if you’re walking around a festival or a city for a few hours. Instead, invest in a pair of sturdy, athletic shoes for your spring travel. Kohl’s offers a great selection of cool canvas, super sporty, and all kinds of styles in between. Get a shoe with the proper support to keep you (and your feet) happy.
  4. A Tracker Tag
    Missing luggage has the power to ruin your spring travel fun. Place the Bluetooth-powered Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Tag by iMounTEK on your luggage and put your mind at ease. With it, you can enable GPS locating and recording to get your bags back safely.

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