Spring Clothes for Kids: Stylish Garments to Suit All Moods


By Bethany Johnson

Spring is arguably the best time of year for families with kids.

After endless dark days of indoor mischief, it’s finally time to get outside and burn some of that pent-up energy. From playground picnics to upcoming holidays and graduations, families are feeling reborn. Every spring, consumers typically hit the stores to grab new rain gear, spiffy (well-fitting!) shoes, and spring clothes for kids. However, some parents often have trouble dressing their youngsters for every occasion.

Fortunately, you can dress your little ones in layered outfits that look dressy, fit perfectly, and can withstand some good, old-fashioned outdoor roughhousing. Here’s what to look for:

Plan for Mud

Don’t be surprised this year when mud ruins your youngsters’ footwear (again). Instead, be ready. Stow away all of their thick, sheepskin winter boots and opt for pair of shoes that can be cleaned off quickly for Easter pictures. Zulily is a great place to start, with prices that let you get a pair (or four!) for each kid. Soon you’ll all be in flip-flops, but for now, prepare for a characteristically muddy spring.

Remember: Layers, Layers, Layers

The best suggestion is also the most timeless: layers. Sharp-looking layered outfits are the answer to all your spring wardrobe woes. Each layer can be donned and dismissed on a whim to counter the volatile temperatures. Plus, they can turn a dressy brunch or church ensemble into a play number. And finally, when your child has a picnic mishap or scores a grass stain, layers can come off or go on to hide the spot.

Consider a lightweight pant with a vest and jacket for your young gentleman. Check out the Dockers set from Kmart as a great example—it comes with a bow tie so your dapper dude can always be event-ready in a snap. Girls benefit similarly from layered outfits. To get the look, simply pair an understated piece like the Embellished Cardigan by American Princess or a bolero with any sleeveless dress.

Swap Accessories

Another springtime fashion tip is to ditch the heavy cable knit scarves of winter in favor of colorful, lightweight accessories. The goal is keeping your kids looking chic without stuffing away all the winter gear and leaving them exposed to the elements.

To do that, swap out heavy garments for lighter, brighter pieces that do the same job, only without the bulk, like the super expressive infinity scarves included in the two-pack of Printed Foil and Solid Knit Scarves from Kohl’s.

Another accessory you could switch out is the heavy, slouchy beanie hats seen during winter for a stylish fedora that screams “spring” but still keeps your kid’s head covered and warm.

Consider Sets of Spring Clothes for Kids

Babies can be harder to outfit in spring, as they’re more sensitive to the temperatures and often need entire wardrobe changes throughout the day. Simplify your baby’s spring attire by investing in sets and stowing away all the mismatched onesies and pants used during winter.

To get your creative juices flowing, check out the Toddler Outfits page on Walmart.com, which is chock-full of ideas you can build upon or grab right away.

Call In Reinforcements

Young men are some of the hardest to shop for, especially considering those growth spurts that are anything but one-size-fits-all. If you have fashion-forward boys, enlist their help in finding the best spring clothes for kids. One place that offers a range of solutions is the Young Men’s section on the Sears website. As for your family’s “gotta have it” girl, introduce her to the New & Now page on Neiman Marcus’ website, which features the hottest up-and-coming trends. She will feel miles ahead of her classmates’ seasonal style game.

Each year, spring has parents scrambling for clothing solutions. If the combination of springtime holidays, get-togethers, weather changes, growth spurts, and personal tastes has you missing winter, take a tip from above (and remember to always simplify things).

When choosing spring clothes for kids, you have to consider a lot of factors. Simplify things by grabbing smart substitutions like the Printed Foil & Solid Infinity Scarf Set. Click here to scope one out at Kohl's!


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