Watch March Basketball Like the Dedicated Fan You Are


By Corey Whelan

In a season of major upsets and truly surprising college basketball brackets, great game viewing is still every fan’s inalienable right.

You can make your tournament picks and watch March basketball all month long with that worried look on your face, or keep your optimism high by wearing your lucky jersey and pulling for your favorite team in style. Win or lose, here’s how to watch March basketball and enjoy each game to the fullest:

Turn Your Man Cave Into Fan Heaven

There’s nothing like a college hoops showdown, provided you’ve got the right props to go along with it. Whether you’re planning to watch March basketball solo or you’ve got a crew of wannabe bracketologists coming over to check out every tournament game, you’ll need an awesome TV.

The unbelievably huge 90-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED 3D HD TV by Sharp will provide you with a 3D viewing experience so crisp, it’s the closest thing possible to actually being at the game in person. However, if the Sharp model is just too big for your humble abode to handle, the 50-Inch Class 1080p 60Hz LED Smart HD TV by Samsung provides a fantastic 3D viewing experience at a more manageable size.

Set Up the Ultimate Display

Why not go for both TVs? Having more than one screen allows you to keep an eye on all the tournament action—and makes sure everyone else can, too. The 50-inch model would go nicely on a wall either above or alongside the bigger monitor. To securely attach it, entrust in the Tilt Swivel Articulating TV Wall Mount by VideoSec, which can support up to 165 pounds. Since the 90-inch model is too large for most wall mounts, consider propping it up on a stylish surface that’s lower to the ground, like the Entertainment Center TV Stand by Furinno.

Get In on the Fun

Just because you’re watching college players hoop it up on TV doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the fun. Setting up the EZ-Fold 2 Player Basketball Game by ESPN in your man cave can provide hours of entertainment. Instead of sitting through all those boring commercial breaks during timeouts, you and your friends can challenge each other to short shoot-outs. After some practice, you can all hold a thrilling tournament of your own.

Feed Your Fan Crew

Checking out the latest college basketball brackets is hard work. It’s every fan’s sworn duty to keep their strength up, so providing great munchies is a team-rooting must. Order the goods online from FreshDirect and save yourself a trip to the store. The grocer’s blog has lots of gameday recipe ideas for inspiration, like the intriguing hybrid Pizza-Dilla Quesadillas. Of course, whatever you decide to eat, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite brews.

Dress for Success

It’s a scientific fact that Division 1 teams score significantly better when fans are wearing their jerseys—even if they’re watching the game from home. No matter which team you love (or love to hate), you’ll find their jersey in men’s and women’s sizes at Kohl’s.

Don’t forget to dress your baby in a college basketball onesie, like the Baby Tutu Bodysuit from Two Feet Ahead, which features a crinoline pin-dot skirt (adorable). Even your dog can get into the gameday act with basketball jerseys made especially for furry fans of college b-ball. Your team might lose, but it certainly won’t be due to a lack of dedication on your part.

You won't miss a single play when you watch the game on a Samsung 50-inch LED HDTV. Click here to scope it out at Kohl's!


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