5 DIY Mother’s Day Crafts That Make Excellent Gifts


By Jessica D Festa

Store-bought presents are always appreciated, but DIY Mother’s Day gifts offer a fantastic opportunity to show Mom you care in a truly thoughtful way.

Remember, making Mother’s Day presents instead of buying traditional gifts is all about having fun and adding in your own personality. Don’t worry if you’re not Martha Stewart. Whether your Mother’s Day crafts turn out to be a masterpiece or a thoughtful mess doesn’t matter (however, the following five ideas are pretty simple to execute well).

1. Experiences in a Jar

Is there any item more essential for crafts than the mason jar? Start creating this DIY Mother’s Day gift by ordering a number of Personalized Mason Jars by Cathys Concepts. From there, give each a theme in accordance with Mom’s tastes: for example, a spa day or nail care kit. To make each jar extra beautiful, choose a color scheme for the items you’ll put in, as well as a beautiful matching ribbon to tie on top.

2. Mugs With a Message

Do you ever wish you could tell Mom how much you love her every day? Well, now you can. Order these Basic Mugs by Wayfair Basics and grab some permanent markers to write out special messages (Pinterest offers great inspiration). If you don’t like your handwriting, place stickers on the mugs, color over them, then remove them to have perfectly-shaped designs.

Let your mug dry for 60 minutes before baking it for two hours on 250 degrees Fahrenheit, as Destination Decoration recommends. Then let it cool for at least 60 minutes to prevent cracking. Afterward, you can put it to use!

3. Nostalgia Through Photos

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, which makes photo-centric DIY Mother’s Day gifts a great idea. Especially for those who aren’t sure of their abilities when it comes to Mother’s Day crafts, Shutterfly makes it easy to create something memorable. Simply upload your favorite family photos, choose your medium (they make everything from photo quilts to collages), and let their team do the work.

4. A Love (and Gift) That Grows

Ideas for DIY Mother’s Day crafts involving paper are endless—and all those projects will last longer if you use seed paper. Now, this one can be a bit tricky, but it will result in something that gives endless love.

Order a pack of some colorful 100% Recycled Construction Paper, which you’ll rip into pieces and place in a large bowl. Add warm water (you can add food coloring if you’d like to change the color of the paper) and soak for about 60 minutes. From there, strain out the water and blend the paper until you have a mushy paste. This is what you’ll mix small seeds into. (Note: it’s best to choose local, non-invasive flowers and plants, to stay with the eco-friendly trend.)

Finally, set your cookie cutter shape of choice onto a mesh screen, which will act as a drying rack after you spoon your paste into the cutters (you can forego this step if you’d rather make a full sheet). If it’s sunny out, lay your creations out to dry. Once planted, this gift can bring your mom joy—and remind her of your love—for the entire warm weather season.

5. Caring Coupons

You can also use that card stock to create thoughtful Mother’s Day crafts in the form of coupons. Choose Mom’s favorite color, then write out the deals she can cash them in for. You can use a free computer program to create beautiful designs (even if you’re not design savvy) or type out your text on plain white paper and paste onto patterned card stock for some fun flair. Accents like ribbons and stickers (or simply cutting off two adjacent corners to create a ticket shape) add whimsy to the project.

Personalized Mason Jars are great for Mother's Day (and Mother's Day crafts)! Click here to scope out the selection from Cathy's Concepts, on Wayfair!


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