Mother’s Day Buying Guide: Mom Gift Ideas That Mesmerize


By Evan Wade

It may be easy for you to remember that Mother’s Day is . . . roughly sometime in the middle of May . . . but everything else about the holiday can be confusing. How do you decide what to get Mom? Which moms do you buy for? What are the appropriate gifts for each kind of mother?

For starters, if you have to ask whether a mom in your life is worthy of a Mother’s Day gift, the answer is likely “yes!” That said, take heed: just as every mom is different, every category of mom is different. The right mom gift ideas for your mother, and the mother of your children, for instance, will likely be different.

If Mother’s Day (which is on May 14 this year) has your head in a spin, here are some suggestions for what to buy the different moms in your life:

Your Own Mom

When deciding what to get Mom ­­(as in your own mother) on Mother’s Day, your best bet is to go with the traditional: a gift many women would like that still references the unbreakable bond that was made when your mother became your mom.

David Yurman 14mm Châtelaine Hampton Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace from Neiman MarcusThis makes birthstone jewelry one of the best mom gift ideas around—especially if that jewelry is of the high-end, designer variety. The Châtelaine Hampton Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace by David Yurman is perfect for those with November birthdays. The stone can commemorate either your birth month or hers. For those who were born outside the eleventh month, the designer also stocks cuts in other birthstones

The Mother of Your Children

If you’re married with children, finding a gift that expresses the deep gratitude you feel toward your wife—both for being with you and being the mother of your children—can be a real challenge. You want the gift to be sentimental but not too sappy, and act as a reminder of your love (that hints at a little romance) while keeping some day-to-day functionality.

Here, the above-mentioned necklace may work well, especially if you only have one child, as you could choose their birthstone. However, for dads with multiple children, adding to your wife’s handbag collection (presuming she already has one) is always a safe-yet-appreciated choice. A stylish crossbody bag can show that you “get it” and that you’re committed to providing great gifts to a great mother and wife. Check out the selection at Gilt for some great deals on designer names.

Your Daughter/Daughter-In-Law

iPad Stand by Lipper International from Wayfair

That’s not to say the mom gift ideas stop there, however. The “what to get Mom” conundrum most certainly applies to the mother(s) of your grandchildren, too. If you’re grandkid-crazy as most grandparents, what better way to show your appreciation for them than a gift for one of the people who brought them into the world?

In this case, your gift should lean more toward functional. For example, if the third mother in your life is a technophile, the hugely popular iPad Pro is a wonderful idea. It’ll help her keep track of a hectic life (and all the photos!) and show her that you value her as the mother of your grandchildren. You can even take it a step further and set her up with the exquisite, wooden iPad Stand by Lipper International, so she’ll always have a free hand whenever she’s websurfing.

Your Grandmother

Is there a dedicated Grandparent’s Day? Yes. Does that preclude you from showing appreciation to your grandmother in the form of a great gift? Absolutely not. Fact is, the Mother’s Day gift for Grandma is a rapidly growing trend—and whether she’s aware of it or not, a good grandmother certainly deserves the same kind treatment.

As with mothers of grandchildren, functionality should top your list of ideas here. The grandma who cooks, for instance, would love a set of six ProKeepers by Progressive. The chic containers are clear, which makes spotting commonly used ingredients easy at a glance; they come with useful side-features like levelers and measurers, and their durable construction makes them much more shatter-resistant than the porcelain that Grandma may currently be using. Tie it up with a card referencing all the great meals she’s cooked you, and voila: the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mother of your mom (or dad) is ready for delivery.

Show your appreciation for the mother in your life with a David Yurman birthstone necklace. Click here to scope out the designer's chic Châtelaine Hampton Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace at Neiman Marcus!


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