Tips for the Cinco de Mayo Party You Don’t Have Time to Plan


By Jessica D Festa

If you’re worried that there isn’t enough time to plan a proper Cinco de Mayo theme for this year’s holiday celebration, you’re overthinking things. A Cinco de Mayo party is just plain casual, colorful, fun.

If your concern is that you don’t have time to plan or prep for a party, there’s no reason to fret there, either. Here are a few fun ideas for some quick inspiración:

Upcycle Your Beer Bottles

Corona works well here. While you’re getting ready for your Cinco de Mayo party, enjoy a few cervezas and save the bottles. They make super-cute vases for a few flowers. You can go for a bright and festive aesthetic with the Happy Gerbera Daisies, or try to arrange the flowers so that they resemble the Mexican flag’s color scheme. Either way, rest assured that 1-800-Flowers has got your back (they even carry some charming green varieties).

Make Tacos to Go

Make-your-own-taco stations go perfectly with the Cinco de Mayo theme, but they can be a bit messy. Save your guests (and yourself) the hassle by preparing tacos right before the guests arrive. This may sound like more work for you, but there are lots of great solutions for making tacos easy and fast.

Taco Holder by TacoStandUp from WayfairTo season taco beef in a hurry, just dump a jar of salsa in with your meat. You can make easy fish tacos with some coleslaw and some of Dr. Praeger’s Fillet Fish Sticks. If you’re planning on offering veggie tacos, buy a few varieties of Pre-Cut Vegetables to cut your prep time in half.

When you’re ready to serve them, you can then set them out in the Taco Holder by TacoStandUp. It’s a satisfying grab-and-go Cinco de Mayo party snack that allows guests to continue mingling.

Pair the Perfect Drink

Festival 14 Oz. Margarita Glass by Artland from WayfairWhat pairs perfectly with tacos at a Cinco de Mayo party? A margarita, of course! Or, even better, a margarita bar.

A set of the stylish Festival 14 Oz. Margarita Glasses by Artland will be perfect for the occasion. With a machine like the Margarator Plus by Nostalgia Electrics pumping out drinks and a 3-Tier Margarita Glass Rimmer adding some authentic flavor, you’ll be able to set your guests up for success.

Create Memories With a Photo Booth

No Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without a photo booth (or at least your homemade version of one). Fun memories deserve to be documented.

You can easily create a DIY photo booth with a Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera by Polaroid. Simply set up a booth in your coat closet (make sure there’s plenty of light) or a cozy corner of your living room and use a Mexican flag or a colorful Mexican blanket as a backdrop. Make sure to encourage guests to dress up in Cinco de Mayo colors or wear garments crafted by their favorite Mexican designers to go with the Cinco de Mayo theme!

Bring Everyone Together for a Fun Game

Another great way to make sure that all of your party guests have fun is by hosting a game. Loteria Mexicana is a classic. The illustrations might remind you more of tarot cards, but the game play is very similar to Bingo. It’s a fun way to add some Spanish language and Mexican culture—as well as a little friendly competition—to your fiesta.

It's not a Cinco de Mayo party without good food, right? Click here to scope out an adorable Taco Holder from Wayfair!


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