What is Nintendo Switch? A Gift Guide for Non-Gamers


By Evan Wade

Wondering what is Nintendo Switch, exactly? For starters, it’s a game console with a revolutionary form factor. Although the device ostensibly looks like the average tablet when its peripheral Joy-Cons (which are controllers, for the uninitiated) aren’t connected, it offers flexibility and portability that no game console before it has.

It’s also proven hard to find. Avid gamers cleared store shelves the moment the console launched in early March, leaving those who waited to buy Nintendo Switch in the dust. If you didn’t get it on the early hours of day one, you probably didn’t get one at all!

Fortunately, the device should see consistent-stock status soon. For non-gaming parents, significant others, and others who want to buy the system for a loved one, that’s good news—but it also leaves several questions to be answered:

What Is Nintendo Switch?

With its removable Joy-Cons attached, the device can be used as a portable console; one with better performance specs than other portable game devices. The same Joy-Cons attach to a grip, allowing gamers to connect the Switch to its dock and play it on the TV like they would any console.

This may sound like a gimmick on paper, but seeing is believing. The sheer versatility is a thing to behold—literally—especially since Nintendo is pushing, positioning, and developing content for it as a full console. This means most games released for the system will be full-featured, great-looking, and lots of fun.

The console also comes in two color schemes. To date, the Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con has been much more popular (and thus, much harder to find). The stock situation will change as Nintendo makes more hardware available, but take note: if given the choice, the neon versions is the one to get.

What Game(s) Should I Buy?

Of course, going to buy Nintendo Switch is only part of the equation. Getting a game that’s worthy of the console’s versatile, innovative goodness is also a must.

Fortunately, Nintendo’s made this choice an easy one. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already being hailed as an all-time great game, and perhaps the best game ever made. In an industry where hundreds of new titles can come out in a month (and dozens of classics can hit in a year), this is high praise, indeed. The title’s gorgeous graphics, airtight gameplay, and astoundingly huge play environment have been amazing gamers since day one, making it a must-own for any Switch owner.

What About Accessories?

Nintendo’s been at this a long time, and they understand that people want as much customization for their consoles as possible. Thus, the Switch has several useful peripherals available for purchase alongside the handful of goodies found in the box.

The first point of order is a protective case. The Nintendo Switch Travel Hard Shell Carrying Case comes with storage for games, cables, and the console itself, while still making on-the-go play possible. Portability is a big part of the console’s value proposition, after all. This will allow your loved one to play their beloved new console anywhere, all without worrying about drops or dings.

Once the case is taken care of, you may wish to buy Nintendo Switch accessories that enhance home gameplay. For this, there is the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip. The stylish accessory charges the Joy-Cons during gameplay, ensuring the gamer in your life doesn’t have to dock the controllers with the system if they don’t wish to.

One Console, Endless Possibilities

You should now be able to confidently answer the question, what is Nintendo Switch? Since you’ve learned the basics, you can plan to make an informed purchase. The console’s stock emergency will soon be over, opening the gates for a second wave of players to learn and enjoy all that it has to offer—make sure your loved one doesn’t miss out!

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