4 Must-Have Items for a Kid-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Memorial Day is a great time to get everyone together. It’s the kick-off of the summer season, and it presents a unique opportunity to display your patriotism.

This year, to commemorate the holiday, you should consider hosting a Memorial Day BBQ for your friends and family. However, you won’t want your children (or your friends’ children) to feel bored while the adults are having fun. Therefore, to ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience, examine the following four tips and associated items that can help make it a kid-friendly affair to remember:

1. Just Let It (Slip and) Slide

As the unofficial start to warm weather season, Memorial Day is when all the local pools open and people can take a dip for the first time since the previous summer. Celebrate this by breaking out the Slip ‘N Slide Triple Racer with 3 Boogies by Wham-O for all the little ones at your party. After it’s all set up on your lawn, they can hold a kid-friendly competition as you eat burgers and catch up with your friends.

2. Make Some Magic

What’s better than bubbles on a sunny day? The Bubble Blowout Party Machine by Bubble Blitz is exciting for all kids age 5 and up. They’ll love chasing around these bubbles and trying to catch them at your Memorial Day BBQ. They may even be so worn out that they’ll go to bed early from all the fun they had. It’s a win-win: they’ll enjoy hours of entertainment and you’ll get to enjoy a quiet evening outdoors.

3. Let Them Move on Up

Wild Sports Ladderball Game from Bass Pro ShopsBoth the adults and children can partake in a few fun rounds of the Ladderball Game by Wild Sports, in which you score points by throwing the bolas (two rubber balls connected by a rope) onto the different rungs of a short ladder.

To make it even more kid-friendly, you can offer prizes to the winners. The children and adults will each get a bit of a workout throwing the balls, helping everyone have a fun and memorable time at your Memorial Day BBQ.

Mega Rider Swing by Swing-n-Slide from Wayfair

4. Let Them Make Monkeys of Themselves

If you have a solid wooden beam or a sturdy tree in your back or front yard, you can assemble the Mega Rider Swing by Swing-N-Slide.

This swing set can hold up to 200 pounds and allows two riders to sit back-to-back while they swing together. Swinging is one of the most exciting kid-friendly activities and will undoubtedly keep the children occupied for hours while the adults hang out. Best of all, nothing has to be plugged in and no screens are needed — this is some old-fashioned fun that has stood the test of time.

Now, get outside and enjoy the long holiday weekend!

Get the Bubble Blowout Party Machine by Bubble Blitz for Your Memorial Day BBQ this year. Click here to scope it out at Kohls.com!


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