Ideas for Father’s Day for the Man Who Has Everything


By John Montesi

There are more clichéd ideas for Father’s Day than there is space to list them all out. Most involve neckties or last-minute sports memorabilia purchases from the supermarket, but we all know that Dad deserves something better. Still, another cliché rings painfully true for everyone deciding what to do on Father’s Day: cheesy cards that begin with the line, “For the man who has everything . . .”

Whether your father thinks he has everything or not, there are plenty of gifts and experiences that he simply wouldn’t—or couldn’t—get without your help. Let’s look at a few creative ways to give Dad a gift that won’t get hidden in the back of the sock drawer or the corner of the basement:

The Gift of Tagging Along

It’s often hard to give people who are really into their hobbies something that fits their specific needs or preferences, but that’s no excuse not to engage and show that you want to be involved in the things that matter to your dad! If you’re looking for fun ideas for Father’s Day, think about how a small gift can be a hint at a much bigger one. If he likes golfing, and your nine iron is home to a colony of spiders, a tote with matching golf gloves and a note that says “The next 18 are on me” is worth more than a brand new set of top-of-the-line clubs. If he prefers fishing, slip a set of wild, high-tech lures in a bag and go crazy with the fishing puns. Just make sure you’re committed to joining him. Lures, dad jokes, and quality time on the water are surefire ideas for Father’s Day that he’ll remember forever.

The Gift of Swag

Sometimes dads aren’t willing to spend more than ten bucks on their formalwear or haven’t updated their closet since the ’80s. Maybe they have decent taste but wouldn’t be caught dead in a mall or browsing a fashion website. That’s where the family can gain a ton of gift equity by giving “the man who has everything” something he’d never give himself. Whether you want to go full-on mod ’60s or just update his wardrobe with something he’ll grumble about . . . then silently wear weekly for the next 20 years, chances are you know your dad and what looks good on him better than most people (and probably better than he does). Maybe you just wish he’d buy a dang dress shirt that he can wear untucked. This Wilson Polka-Dot Short-Sleeve Performance Sport Shirt by Peter Millar is a great no-nonsense pick.

Maybe his office chair hasn’t been replaced since grad school. If you’re still wondering what to do on Father’s Day, sneak a modern, ergonomic office chair behind his desk at home—think of how much better the office would look (and his back would feel)!

Knock It out of the Park

Whether you give the gift of an experience, like a pair of caps hinting that you’re going to see his favorite baseball team this weekend, or the gift of thoughtfulness that he’d never grant himself, don’t just settle for a boring necktie and a card.

Thanks to the array of merchants and the possibilities of early summertime, any combination of product and experience is sure to make this Father’s Day special.

A fancy fishing lure might sound over the top, but it's really just the key to an unforgettable day with Dad.


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