Road Trip Essentials for a Fantastic Voyage


By Jessica D Festa

While childhood car vacations were fun, they usually included more than one argument over the atlas. Today, there are (thankfully) a number of modern road trip essentials that can ensure a good time is had by all, with minimal bumps along the way.

Wondering what to bring on a road trip that you’re planning to take in the coming months? Here are some modern-day must-haves:

A Hot Set of Wheels

Travel is all about experiencing novel, memorable things. Adding a new car to your road trip essentials can give the exploratory jaunt a fresh feel, and help you all have fun right from the get-go. Choose to travel in luxury with Avis’ Signature Series and you can get your kicks on Route 66 the stylish way: in a BMW, a Maserati, or a Corvette. The car you choose can really take the experience to a whole new level.

A Solid Itinerary

Once you choose your car, it’s time to pick the route. Enter, a website that points out all the fun and function points between your point A and point B based on your interests and needs. All you have to do is input your destinations and recreational preferences, and the website will do all the work for you. The “Weird Stuff!” filter adds a quirky spin to any itinerary, so make sure to add this platform to your list of road trip essentials.

Another great option for finding fun things to do along the way is through Mastercard Travel Services, which allows you to access exclusive deals in metropolitan areas across the country. With a little foresight and planning, you’re sure to have unforgettable experiences while on the road.

A Way to Preserve Memories

While you may not want to deal with the difficulties of doing a road trip the old-fashioned way, adding a bit of nostalgia isn’t a bad idea. Is there anything more nostalgic than the PIC-300 Instant Camera by Polaroid?

Instead of just snapping quick pics on your phone and leaving them to be forgotten, take thoughtful photos along the way that can be instantly printed. When you get home, string up some twine on your wall and clip your photos using colorful clothespins for some DIY home decor.

A Stockpile of Fun Games

Once your crew has gotten sick of crooning to Taylor Swift for the 40th time, you’ll want to have access to some road trip essentials in the form of fun car games. A sure crowd-pleaser is Mad Libs. You can even give a challenge to the storyteller where they have to infuse elements of the road trip. Why not make up your own games, too? While you’re taking turns with the playlists, hit random and see who’s first to name the song’s title and artist, or sing the chorus. First one identify 10 songs is the winner!

A Way to Stay Connected

Long drives mean long spans of time without wall outlets—which means when you’re wondering what to bring on a road trip, a charging device that can handle numerous devices at once is important.

Enter the Road Trip USB Rapid Car Charger by HyperGear, which can charge a whopping five devices at once. No more arguing over who gets the cigarette lighter next, as you’ll all be uploading your beautiful trip pictures to Facebook and Instagram with a full charge.

A Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Camera can add nostalgia and fun to any road trip. Click here to scope one out at Newegg!


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