The Best Parking App for Savoring the Summer


By John Montesi

Summer is here, and kids are clamoring for time at the beach, pool, or lake. For some, that means a quick trip down a country road to the nearest state park. For others, it means braving traffic, parking nightmares, and early mornings trying to beat the crowds to the best (aka most popular) swimming holes in your area. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or casual beachgoer, the best parking app and the Dunkin’ Donuts app might just save your life this summer—or at least your sanity and your wallet.

But First, Coffee

Do you ever feel like you need a cup of coffee just to handle the chaos of getting your first (or third) cup of the day? The Dunkin’ Donuts app makes it possible to order donuts and coffee while the kids are buckling their seat belts, which means you get to skip the lines and the hassle of figuring out where your wallet is. Ordering on the app and paying with Masterpass makes everyone’s day (including your own) as easy as walking into the Dunkin’ Donuts of your choosing.

Beat Lines and High Prices With the Best Parking App

Many of the most popular waterfront destinations have intense competitions for parking spots. Between high-priced lots and city-enforced metered parking, trying to find, pay for, and keep a parking spot (while avoiding tickets, towing, and vandalism) can totally spoil the fun of a day at the beach. With Parkmobile, paying for your spot (and even adding time!) is as easy as taking a picture or sending a text message. Saving time, stress, and the cost of parking tickets is priceless—and that’s what makes Parkmobile the best parking app. While others are lining up to pay at those obnoxious sticker-printing parking kiosks, you’ll already be sitting under the umbrella in prime waterside real estate.

Toes in the Water

Even if your trip to the water park or the beach involves urban chaos instead of Key West tranquility, a few helpful apps from Masterpass partner merchants can make your day feel a lot more like a Jimmy Buffett song—and that’s always a good thing.

The Dunkin' Donuts app is the quickest, easiest way to get your coffee (and donut) fix, whether you're headed to work or enjoying a day off at the beach.


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