The Best Fishing Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed


By John Montesi

Summer means spending as much time as possible on or around the water. For some, that means time suntanning or swimming at the beach. For others, warmer weather signals a chance to go on a fishing trip. Somehow, every time a fishing trip rolls around, I find myself feeling unprepared for that early alarm clock—or worse, I get out on the water and realize I’m missing something I really wish I had with me. As my road trip with my dog Hank rolls on, I’d like to share some tips on the best fishing gear you didn’t know you needed.

Dr. Slick Nipper/Knot Tyer

Whether you’re fly-fishing or chuckin’ out some bait on your next road trip, angling always involves dozens of feet of line—tiny, tedious line that’s designed to be invisible to fish, yet tough enough to endure the tug of a big bass. What does this mean? When the fish are feeding, and you’re frantically switching lures, that tricky line is going to be even harder to tie. When the inevitable birds’ nest appears in the middle of your line, you need to be able to remove and replace it as quickly as possible. Aside from a rod and a reel, I consider my combination nipper/knot tier tool to be the handiest thing on my vest. Whether you’re clipping the tag end of a perfectly nailed clinch knot or undoing a nearly disastrous tangle, tools like the Dr. Slick Nipper/Knot Tyer are invaluable.

Bass Pro Shops Trout Net

Like many people, I used to consider the landing net an optional piece of equipment, something you’d only need if you were in a boat or didn’t want to touch a fish. As it turns out, a net has great applications for all kinds of angling. When a scared, angry fish is about to break the line (just out of grabbing distance!) a well-positioned net (like the Bass Pro Shops Trout Net) can save the day. Having the best fishing gear at your disposal can also make the whole experience a bit less upsetting for the fish.

Costa Motu 580P Polarized Sunglasses

It’s easy to think that any sunglasses are good enough for a day on the water. But when it comes to fishing, a good pair of polarized sunglasses designed for spotting fish can make all the difference. Lenses like the ones in these Costa Motu 580P Polarized Sunglasses can transform what you see below (and above) water, which makes spending time in the outdoors even more enjoyable.

Now that you know what the most overlooked, best fishing gear is, your next fish stories will be a lot more believable. Tight lines!

The landing net is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment for every type of fishing. Don't leave home without yours!


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