The Best Sneakers for a Road Trip: Lace Up for Adventure


By John Montesi

When your life turns into one big road trip, you find yourself trying to identify individual items that work for multiple purposes: hiking shirts that can be tucked in to get you into fancy restaurants or events, coolers that double as chairs, shoes that look good, feel good, and work in all weather—aka the best sneakers. I love wearing sneakers for hiking, urban exploring, driving, and out to dinner. When you’re constantly hopping in and out of the car, you don’t want to have to think about what shoes you’re wearing.

Love at First Step

I actually bought my first pair of New Balance 570s in the midst of a long trip last fall, and they’ve hardly left my feet since. From hiking to hidden fishing spots on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina to slogging through post-nor’easter slush in Manhattan to conducting a sunset photo session deep on the 4×4 trails of Moab, I can safely say that the 570s are the best sneakers I’ve ever owned. I loved the way they looked when I got them and how much better they felt than the pair they replaced. Having put them to the test, I’m amazed by how well they handled everything I threw at them—and they still look great!

The Best Sneakers

When it comes to a road trip, saving space and minimizing the decisions you have to make every day are critical criteria for what you take with you.

Arriving at a great default pair of sneakers made me realize all the problems other pairs had caused me in the past.

Sneakers that I loved in Texas felt freezing in Massachusetts, while shoes that offered great grip on loose surfaces suddenly felt awkward and clunky in urban settings. My New Balance 570s may not ever replace my full-height hiking boots, but they’ve already replaced almost every other shoe I’ve ever owned.

The New Balance 574 combines style and functionality better than any other sneaker. Here's how I know (and why that matters).


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