What to Do When Your Kids Are Bored (and Whiny) This Summer


By Corey Whelan

If your kids have had a summer chock-full of activities, you both might be feeling the pain as end-of-summer boredom starts to set in. With school just around the corner and camp over, this can be a tough time filled with empty hours, but figuring out what to do when your kids are bored doesn’t have to be hard: it can be as easy as pointing them to the nearest craft table.

Supplying craft ideas for kids can help stimulate their minds and create problem-solving opportunities. It also provides tactile alternatives to games on electronic devices. Just make sure you have ample imagination-boosting materials on hand, then let your kids figure out the rest.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Doodle the Day Away

Stocking up on drawing supplies is a savvy strategy to use when you’re stumped about what to do when your kids are bored. All it takes is crayons, markers, pencils, and paper to spark the brain and let them flex those summer-dormant learning muscles. Doodling and drawing helps kids retain information and grasp new concepts. Have paper (you can buy printer or construction paper, or save bills and other mail you’d just throw away for them to doodle on the back of) and coloring implements on hand, and let your kids thumb through old books or magazines for inspiration. Coloring books that feature their favorite heroes can be especially fun for the little ones.

Giving kids their own special “office” or “studio” can make these activities feel even more special and fun (and keep things organized). The Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel Desk with Stool has lots of storage room for corralling supplies and lets kids either stand or sit while they doodle unending refrigerator masterpieces.

Razzle-Dazzle Their (Bike) Ride

If they’re bored to tears (and even YOU feel like crying), try coaxing the kids into a bike ride—accompanied by some creative craft ideas that will make it more fun. You can create a bike-fabulizing kit and challenge your kids to turn their rides into the talk of the block. You can also use stuff you find around the house or do a little online shopping: think battery-powered Christmas lights (these Cotton Ball Fairy Led String Lights are lovely and a bargain when you buy in the off-season), gift baskets, and ribbon. Chenille Craft Jumbo Pipe Cleaners are craft classics and can be incorporated into handlebar streamers, vanity plates, spoke sparklers, and more.

Good, Clean Fun

Wondering what to do when your kids are bored out of their minds AND dirty? Let them make soap! A super clever craft, it’s as practical as it is entertaining. Your child will be anything but bored, plus, they can get a jump-start on holiday gifts for everyone from friends to teachers. The Fundamentals Toys Kiss Naturals DIY Soap Making Kit will get them started, and you can keep the fun going with different colorants and fragrances. You can even create various shapes by using unique ice cube trays like Chenco Inc.’s Teddy Bear Ice Tray or the Pineapple Ice Cube Tray by Blush.

Don’t get caught in the summer doldrums before school starts this year. These simple craft ideas for kids will keep little ones engaged and let them cherish the last of their summer days.

Kids love sitting, standing, and crafting at the Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel Desk with Stool, available at Toys"R"Us. Corral their crafting gear in one place and watch the magic happen!


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