Fall Vegetable Recipes: Delicious Dishes to Cook Tonight


By Rachel Moran

Fall vegetable recipes are beckoning you back to the kitchen. Put the dog days of burgers and ice cream behind you, and get ready for the warm, nourishing satisfaction of healthy, home-cooked meals. A new season’s worth of veggies are cropping up at your favorite grocer, including online grocery stores like Fresh Direct. Get inspired, and start cooking tonight!

We talked to Iris Green, founder of Green’s Center for Plant-Based Nutrition and Gluten-Free Education in Los Angeles, about how to make delicious dishes at home for yourself, your family, and friends. Here are her favorite fall vegetable recipes, plus a few of our own:

Brussels Sprouts Everyone Loves

“My favorite fall vegetable is Brussels sprouts,” says Green. “Enjoy them sauteed in olive oil until the outer leaves begin to brown or steam and serve with a mustard sauce.”

To prepare these tonight, cut the stems off and slice each sprout in half. If you’re steaming your Brussels, boil a pot of water and put them into a steam basket over the boiling water for five minutes. Prepare a mustard sauce in no time by mixing mustard, a few drops of apple cider vinegar (go easy!), brown sugar to taste, and hot sauce to taste. Serve yours with white beans, like cannellini, to make an easy, low-calorie meal that warms and satisfies in the fall.

Squash Forever

Green has the genius idea of preserving fall veggies for later—either a busy day or as the season wanes and you still want the taste of autumn.

“Make pumpkin or squash butter by splitting the gourds and baking them until tender. Remove the seeds and skin, and purée the tender flesh. Reduce the purée on the stove, sweetened with cane sugar and your favorite spices, like cardamom, star anise, ginger, cinnamon, and a little lemon or orange rind.”

Use a food processor, like the Cuisinart 8-Cup Food Processor at Crate & Barrel to purée. If you don’t have one, a high-powered blender will do in a pinch.

For equally impressive fall vegetable recipes tonight, try spaghetti squash. It looks like a gourd from the outside, but like spaghetti when it’s done. Split your spaghetti squash lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, drizzle with olive oil, and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

When it’s done, scrape the flesh out with a fork and serve however you like to serve your favorite spaghetti. Some people love this dish with Marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese, but if you’re vegan like Green—or want to try a vegan meal—substitute the cheese with nutritional yeast, pine nuts, and Italian herbs in your food processor.

Upgraded Potatoes

For all the scare-talk about carbs, potatoes are an awesome source of potassium for pregnant women, athletes, and anyone else. Herbs give them—and all your root veggies—fall flavor.

“Many herbs fare well as indoor plants. I’m partial to rosemary or sage for fall food,” shares Green. She recommends root veggies, like potatoes, turnips, or carrots, but advises adding sage toward the end of your recipe to retain flavor. It’s a simple way to upgrade an everyday meal fast.

The New Kale

Keep the kale coming, but there’s a new player in town, too. When asked what the “It” veggie for fall is this year, Green explained that it’s actually a fruit.

“Jackfruit is a very popular meat replacement due to its texture and taste,” she says. It’s also low in calories and fat and a good source of vitamin C, B-6, and magnesium.

Tacos, barbecue dishes, melt-style sandwiches, and more are popping up on menus in Los Angeles and other trendy food cities. The good news is you can make it at home, too, with a tasty sauce like We Rub You Korean BBQ Marinade and Sauce from Fresh Direct and classic fall veggies, like lightly boiled carrots or, of course, kale.

These fall veggie recipes are so yummy, you might just forget about the cooler weather coming your way.

A dash of sage makes fall veggies, like potatoes, turnips, corn, and butternut squash, taste amazing and totally upgraded. Sprinkle some on toward the end while cooking to retain the fragrant flavor.


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