Baseball Season Is Coming to a Close: Tips to Catch Your Team Before Season End


By Evan Wade

September baseball is some of the best baseball around. Whether you’re watching your team of choice scrap for a wildcard spot when baseball season ends or rooting for them come playoff season (or if you’re really lucky, cheering them on in the World Series), the MLB only grows more fun as the season goes on.

Any baseball fan knows that live games are the best way to experience all the fun and excitement September baseball (and October baseball) have to offer. If you haven’t been able to make it yet this season, here’s how to enjoy the late season in style—and in person.

National League Central Drama Caps 2017 Season

Fifteen teams will square off on Sunday, October 1, otherwise known as the last day of baseball season. With several playoff hopefuls trying to end on a high note, the NL Central appears to hold the most potential for end-season drama. If you’re a Cubbies fan, you can pop on your good-luck Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant “KB” 2017 Players Weekend Jersey and watch your team (hopefully) close out the division with a game against the Reds at Wrigley.

The Cubs are the only divisional hopefuls, however. If you’re a Cards fan, you’ll definitely want to don your St. Louis Cardinals Two-Tone Rapid 39THIRTY Flex Hat and head to Busch Stadium come the first: The Redbirds will face off against the Brewers in a game that could grant a playoff seed or wildcard berth to the winning team.

What Else Do I Need for a Successful Trip?

The answer: Whatever puts your focus firmly on the field in front of you. If there’s significant travel between you and the ballpark, booking a hotel keeps you from worrying about the long drive or flight back following the game. With locations in every MLB market and rewards programs for frequent visitors (including a great promotion for Masterpass users), Wyndham hotels can help ensure you hit the return trip fresh, relaxed, and thrilled about your club’s victory. That’s especially important come playoff season, where stakes and emotions run high.

There are plenty more tips, tricks, and toys for those wondering when baseball season ends. Nationals fans are renowned for their excellent tailgating lots, a scene that’ll be even more fun with the team locking down a playoff spot. A Coleman 24-Can Cooler in team colors is perfect for keeping your pregame beverages cold and drumming up a little playoff spirit in the parking lot prior to first pitch.

Speaking of cold, September baseball can also mean “freezing baseball” in the right markets. If you aren’t viewing from a balmy locale, there’s plenty of gear to keep you and your family warm. Red Sox fanatics should snag a team-adorned On-Field Therma Base Thermal Full-Zip Jacket for late-season Fenway trips. When the lows can reach 10 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping warm is the best way to keep your thoughts on the game instead of the frosty weather.

How Do I Take the September Baseball Experience Home?

Any late-season or playoff baseball trip usually warrants a trip to the gift shop (especially with the family in tow). If you’re traveling light or you want to show your spirit at home, there’s no end to the top-shelf memorabilia you can find online.

Take the ultimate Yankees fan badge of pride, and arguably the best desktop decoration money can buy, for instance: An autographed baseball by a Yankee legend is a great way to honor one of the best playoff and World Series performers the sport has ever seen. It’s also perfect for inspiring awe and envy from your friends, who will undoubtedly look for reasons to come visit just so they can see it again.

September baseball is some of the most exciting live sporting around. Whether you’re making a trip or watching from your memorabilia room, supporting your team is mandatory—even if you’re currently operating in wait-for-next-year mode.

Keep your family warm at Fenway with a Red Sox full-zip thermal jacket, available at the MLB Shop.


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