Find Inspiration: 5 Costume Ideas for Families


By Jessica D Festa

If the idea of your young ones wearing the staple ghost sheet ensemble yet again this Halloween (oh, how clever) makes you yawn, look no further. You can find inspiration for Halloween—especially when it comes to costume ideas for families—with these five tips:

1. Search Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for brides-to-be and at-home chefs. A simple search of “costume ideas for families” yields everything from creative Lego family costumes to over-the-top cereal outfits.

Just check out the ensembles in this Despicable Me Costume Guide. The overalls and solid sweatshirts are easy finds at Walmart—and on a budget, too!

2. Head to the Movies

Who doesn’t love seeing the latest hits brought to life on Halloween? Grab your tickets at Fandango (you can join their free VIP club for complimentary perks and discounts). Then, find inspiration and get costume ideas for families while munching on buttery popcorn and enjoying a night at the movies.

3. Visit the Source

Instead of trying to find inspiration, you can make things easy on yourself and head straight to a costume shop. Kmart, for example, offers a wide selection that won’t break the bank. With this option, you can get unique costumes quickly without wasting time that can be better spent doing fall activities with the family (pumpkin picking, anyone?).

4. Create a Fun Challenge

Give the whole family a mission to come up with a costume theme using only items already in the house—in an hour or less. After the 60 minutes are up, have everyone re-group and present their ideas. Alternatively, you can bring everyone to a department store, like Kohl’s, to give them more to work with.

5. Pick from a Hat

This tactic for finding costume ideas for families is always a hit, mainly because it gets everyone thinking about their favorite things. Sit your family down and hand out scraps of paper. Then, come up with a few themes—movies, TV shows, music groups, cartoon characters, school subjects, fairy tales, etc. After everyone writes down their favorite from each category, drop the ideas into a hat. Shake it up and pick a winner!

These ideas will help you come up with some Halloween costumes that are unique and entertaining for both you and the kids, or at least provide some inspiration!

Check out these clever Halloween costumes from Kmart!


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