Sanity-Saving Tips for Halloween and Helpful Ideas for Trick-or-Treating


By Bethany Johnson

Preparing for Halloween can be lots of fun—and even though the end of October is approaching, there’s still time to gear up the kids before going trick-or-treating.

If you’re still recovering from the stresses of back-to-school season, take heart. Here are a few sanity-saving tips for Halloween to ensure your family is the creepiest (and safest!) on the block come October 31.

1. Upgrade your decor. Before you head out the door to your kid’s costume parade, spruce up your doorstep with a jack-o’-lantern the whole neighborhood can enjoy. Add a Pumpkin Masters Carving Kit to this week’s FreshDirect order, and swing by the local farm stand to grab a few hay bales, a couple corn stalks, and some fat pumpkins for the kids to transform. Another unexpected source of decor is your local Walgreens, where you can grab a last-minute witch hat, gruesome body parts, or mini LED strobe lights for your outdoor Halloween display.

2. Acknowledge creepy contributions. Once your child’s homeroom costume party is over, remember to send a thank you note to the volunteer class parent who worked so hard to put everything together. One option is a delivery of Spooky Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from, a convenient way to show gratitude that takes one stressor off your plate.

3. Costume up. Grab a group costume set from Walmart to cover the entire family. Not only can you knock out one more prep task, but you’ll make memories that’ll last year after year. Just don’t forget to take pictures when trick-or-treating!

4. Channel kids’ energy for good. Kids go wild this time of year, and all that unchecked excitement can cause even the most selfless kid to turn greedy. Funnel your child’s energy into an effort to help others by encouraging him or her to look for allergen-free foods, which they can offer to other children on Halloween night. Then, let your child paint a pumpkin bright blue to display on your doorstep, a sign to other families that your house is safe for kids with special nutritional needs.

5. Keep tabs on your family. The best tips for Halloween include all family members. It’s likely you’ll be pulled in several different directions come the holiday—one kid is going trick-or-treating with their friends, another has their sights set on a haunted house, while the little ones need a kid-friendly movie for after dark. To keep your peace of mind and ensure everyone’s safe, download a phone tracker app like Apple’s Find My Friends or Android’s Track & Treat. You can even sign up for Nextdoor, a neighborhood forum that lets nearby families communicate real-time about anything, including which house is giving away the best treats.

6. Celebrate at home. Younger children love the Halloween season just as much as their older siblings, but they often need to be indoors after dark. You can celebrate inside with a special movie or activity like the Skeleton Floor Puzzle from Kohl’s, which can be just the “trick” they need to enjoy the night without tagging along on the streets.

You can delight in the season if you’re well-equipped and plan ahead. Thankfully, you now have some of the best tips for Halloween, including a handful of shortcuts and tools to prepare for the spookiest of holidays.

Whether you need a last-minute creepy decoration or an educational game for young kids while older ones go trick-or-treating, the Skeleton Floor Puzzle from Kohl's is a great activity to have on hand. Grab one today.


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