Stay Connected on Your Road Trip


By John Montesi

For the 21st century nomad, some of the most important stops on a serious road trip are coffee shops with Wi-Fi. Whether you’re actively staying in the workforce, maintaining a few freelance clients, or simply want to check in with friends and family to share some stories from the road, finding a place to refuel and get a steady internet connection for loading photos and videos is key. If you need a sweet pick-me-up and a hot cup of coffee or a hearty bite and a chance to check emails, Dunkin’ Donuts is consistently one of the best coffee shops with Wi-Fi for weekend road warriors and die-hard road trip fanatics alike.

Find It Anywhere

When my dog Hank and I were in the Northeast, the cold weather, snow, and early mornings meant coffee was almost always on my mind (OK, coffee is always on my mind). In New England, the most beloved coffee is at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Whether you’re in downtown Philadelphia or Bangor, Maine, when you need doughnuts and a hot beverage, those pink and orange letters are a sure sign that you’re close to the promised land. This mega-chain isn’t merely comprised of coffee shops with Wi-Fi . . . each one is an institution.

Get It Easily

There are a million reasons why getting your wallet out to pay for hot coffee and a snack can be a bummer—cold hands fumbling with cash or cards, trying to put your wallet away as a full hot coffee and an egg white sandwich are being handed to you, just not knowing where your wallet is half the time—but with Masterpass and Dunkin’ Donuts, you can pay with your phone when you pick up or when you order. If you’re photographing the coast of Maine at sunrise, sometimes it’s nice to know you’ve got hot coffee and a maple cake doughnut waiting for you with no need to use your lacking fine motor skills.

Road Trippers Run on Dunkin’

When you’re on a road trip, finding coffee shops with Wi-Fi and breakfast (or a tasty treat) can be a real challenge, especially when you often need Wi-Fi in order to find places with Wi-Fi. When all you have to do is find the next Dunkin’ Donuts, deliciousness and fast upload speeds are always a short drive away.

Dunkin' Donuts and Masterpass make commuting (and road tripping) easier than ever.


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