Running in Fall: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated


By Jessica D Festa

Running in fall? Make the most of the season’s precious daylight and brisker weather with these five ways to stay motivated. Here’s everything you need to support your fall running goals while keeping the rest of your life in balance, giving you the time to help the kids with their schoolwork and compete in that upcoming race:

1. Pick Up Some New Kicks

The right gear can shift your whole mindset. Sometimes, it’s as simple as buying a new pair of shoes to boost your desire to run. New Balance offers great options, with a section dedicated solely to runners. Pick from neon or neutral colors when you choose your favorite style. Plus, you’ll get a 10 percent discount just for joining their email list!

While you’re perusing the footwear, make sure to also check out the rest of the activewear options. Their seasonless tops are cozy and breathable, making them ideal for running in fall.

2. Pick Up the (Music) Pace

There’s no denying Johnny Cash can croon, but when running, choose something more up-tempo to help you pick up the pace. You don’t need the skills of a DJ, either. Download Spotify for free (with limited shuffle capabilities)—or upgrade for just $9.99 per month to have full control over what you listen to. Simply search “running” in the app, and it will bring up the perfect playlist. You might even discover some new songs you love.

Another idea: Ditch the music for an interactive zombie game. Zombies, Run! is a free and fun app that gamifies running. Collect supplies along the way (you’ll have a mission to complete) and make sure the zombies don’t get you!

3. Join a Local Meetup Group has meetups in 182+ countries, so you’re bound to find a running group in your area. Signing up for scheduled runs—and having partners to jog with—makes you more accountable for your training.

Plus, there’s often an interesting twist or social aspect to the event to make it more enticing. It’s one thing to run around the old familiar track; but in a running group, you learn about new routes to keep things interesting. Plus, a post-run brunch every once in a while is good for the soul.

Use a wall-mounted whiteboard calendar or planner, like this one from Wayfair, to schedule Meetups and have the reminder hanging right on the wall.

4. Plan a Running Trip with a View

Sometimes, a lack of inspiration for running in fall could just be due to reverting to the same old routine. A change of scenery in the form of a weekend road trip could be exactly what you need. Rent a car from Budget or Avis and head to the most scenic spot within a four-hour drive.

You’ll cruise around in comfort taking in the sights of the open road. Once parked, make a goal to spend at least 50 percent of the trip on foot.

5. Eat Healthy

And don’t forget one of the best ways to stay motivated to run: eating healthy. Enter FreshDirect, which delivers fresh groceries right to your door so you can take care of the family at night instead of creating a shopping list, running to the grocery store, and cooking. They even offer tasty (and healthy!) meal kits, so all the prep is done for you. Savor nutritious eats, such as garlic chicken paired with purple mashed potatoes or an avocado-laced pesto quinoa bowl, and you’ll be craving a workout that can keep up.

Mixing up your routine—whether it’s a pair of new shoes or a few new pals—will inspire you to stay on your running game through the fall and hopefully into the winter months, too!

Kick your fall run up a notch with a new pair of New Balance sneakers!


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