Mobile Tech Update: Best New Apps to Download Now


By Evan Wade

A person only has room for so many smartphone apps in their life. Once you’ve cultivated a list of must-haves, it can be incredibly difficult to add a new face to your Mount Rushmore of mobile software.

However, some apps reward you for venturing outside of your comfort zone. Whether they offer something new or refine things that smartphones have always been good at, the best new apps bring something special to the table. Here’s a look at five standouts worth your consideration.

1. Grab

Some apps are constant companions, providing utility wherever you go. Others are useful in specific contexts. Grab, an app designed to streamline both finding and ordering food at airports, falls into the second category.

With that said, the app shines in its niche. If you’re in a supported airport, it will tell you what restaurants are available and help you order directly from your phone. There’s no more scanning the “You Are Here” map and hustling to find grub before your connection boards. Grab also provides concourse information and on-foot directions to airport eateries, saving you even more time—a must-have for seasoned travelers and occasional fliers alike.

(iOS and Android)

2. Wally

If you’ve ever tracked expenses for work and thought you should do something similar for your personal finances, you’ll love Wally. The popular finance app tracks expenses, saves receipts, and even helps you set and meet savings targets, all directly from your phone. It’s also incredibly user-friendly, with tools that streamline your expense-tracking process. Give it a try and simplify your financial life.

(iOS and Android)

3. Microsoft To-Do

What makes Microsoft’s To-Do app better than competing smartphone apps? It falls into the simple-but-powerful sweet spot that mobile apps excel at: It has a number of functions built around the idea of bolstering daily productivity. For example, its Intelligent Suggestions feature prioritizes the items you place on your list, reading your task history and other factors to see what aspects of your schedule need finishing now.

Even better, you can update the app from your phone, desktop, or internet browser, with little configuration needed to get going. This means you can set your day in advance and adapt to changes as they come. Throw in a smart color-coding system and integration with Outlook and you have a perfect replacement for your current list app.

(iOS and Android)

4. Gyroscope

Think of Gyroscope as a whole-life tracker. One of the best new apps of 2017, the service goes beyond exercise-tracking smartphone apps and addresses health on a broader scale. Want to keep track of how much sleep you’re getting or how long you’ve spent at the computer this week? This app can do that and more, with free and paid features that run the gamut of useful personal readouts. The app may have a strange name, but check it out before writing it off—people are raving about it.

(iOS and Android private beta)

5. Nextdoor

Yes, Nextdoor is another social app. No, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Billed as the “social network for your neighborhood,” the service connects you only with people who live in your vicinity—a far different take on networking than apps that let you interact with people around the world.

Here, proximity means utility. This app allows users to share and learn about any and all things local, including information on lost pets, reporting suspicious activity, and fielding local service recommendations, directly accessible on your phone. Whether you’re looking to meet your neighbors or advertise a yard sale, Nextdoor is one of the best new apps you can add to your phone.

(iOS and Android)

It can be dizzying to keep up with all the new apps available, especially when you have a routine nailed down, but taking a chance on one (or all) of these worthy five can fulfill specific needs and make your life more efficient.

Get to know your neighborhood with Nextdoor, available on Google Play.


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