Technology Tips and Tricks: Get Smarter with Your Smartwatch


By John Montesi

Smartwatches burst onto the scene so quickly—and so pervasively—that we’re still wrapping our minds around all the ways they can be used. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless features and functions, make sure to check out these technology tips and tricks to navigate what a smartwatch can do:

Boost Your Exercise Routine

Many people were amazed when smartphones could provide a step count, which suddenly gamified basic daily exercise. Smartwatches take it even further, integrating popular fitness apps like Strava and UnderArmour Record to remind, motivate, and track everything from your walk to work to specific exercises that a smartphone doesn’t trace. Plus, premium fitness-focused devices, such as the New Balance RunIQ, monitor your heart rate, which provides invaluable insight into your health in real-time.

Set Up Selective Notifications

Now that the smartphone has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, many people are starting to push back against the constant barrage of notifications and the incessant desire to check for new content. Some of the best technology tips and tricks are designed with that in mind, both simplifying and enhancing your experience. By setting up your smartwatch to provide selective notifications, it’s actually possible to spend less time staring at your phone screen. For example, only linking to text messages or work email can enable you to leave your phone in your pocket or face-down on the table while you’re working, exercising, or enjoying precious family time without having to worry about missing something important.

Get Back to Basics

It’s amazing to think about what a smartwatch can do, but it’s also not a coincidence that it occupies the spot on your wrist that’s historically been timepiece territory. For those of us who struggle with punctuality or memory (myself very much included), setting up your Google or Apple calendar to nudge you when you need to be notified—like when it’s time for an appointment or to locate your Bluetooth headset before that conference call—can be a terrific way to stay on top of all the different calendars in your life.

Consider Your Lifestyle

For most people, picking out a smartwatch is as simple as brand allegiance. The vast majority of iPhone users will gravitate toward the Apple Watch and its ability to miraculously sync with the entire suite of Apple products. With its bevvy of stylish colorways and standalone features, some models can be worn as pieces of a well-coordinated outfit and also provide high levels of functionality far away from your mobile device. There are even fitness-oriented devices so advanced that they can provide the biometrics of a doctor’s office; GPS technology on par with dedicated standalone units; and the ability to change music or send texts from your wrist.

Think about what you want out of your smartwatch, and make an informed decision about which one will improve your life the most. By using these technology tips and tricks while shopping, you’ll be able to simplify your life through connectivity.

The New Balance RunIQ can interact with your phone to control calls, texts, music, and more. It also monitors your heart rate and is currently on sale for $100 off list price.


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