Easy Money-Saving Tips: Small Ways to Save Big


By Rachel Moran

If you’re like most families, you’re on the look-out for easy money-saving tips this time of year. As the holidays approach, your budget is monopolized by extra purchases like new outfits, hostess gifts, and presents for loved ones. Make the most of the season with less by following these simple ways to save money.

Temperature Control at Home

During the winter months, you want to wake up warm in your bed every morning and return to a nice and toasty home after work—but those heating bills can be downright terrifying. A programmable thermostat can help you keep bills in check. Try one like the Lux Thermostats 5-1-1 Day Universal Application Programmable Thermostat. For under $50, you could save between 10 percent and 20 percent on your bill. With both heating and cooling customization, this thermostat allows you to keep the savings going throughout the year.

Go Vegetarian

There are plenty of health reasons to go vegetarian, but it’s a cheaper diet for a lot of families, too. You can still make warming, nutritious meals for your table. Delivery services like Fresh Direct can bring vegetarian deli slices or meat alternatives right to your door. These ingredients have high protein content, can cost half that of their meat counterparts, and stay fresh much longer. Even a few days per week can make a difference in your grocery bill.

Take the Bus or Train

Opting to use public transit is not only a better choice to preserve the Earth, but it also allows you to cut gas expenses from your budget. Most American families shell out at least $200 a month on gas. Use the time riding to catch up on work emails, make phone calls to family members, or even daydream, if you like. And remember to bring along a hand-sanitizer family pack with assorted travel sizes and wipes for everyone to stash in bags or pockets.

Exercise for Free

Cancel your gym membership and start exercising in the great outdoors instead—it’s free! Trade in the monthly fee at the gym and purchase a simple, hi-tech layer, such as the NB Heat Hoodie from New Balance, to keep you warm when walking, jogging, or jumping rope outside this winter.

Change Your Habits

It’s easy to drop a couple bucks here and there when you’re out. Grabbing a coffee or granola bar on your way to work may seem like inconsequential purchases, but they do add up. Consider buying a Keurig or Nespresso machine to make your morning drink at home and buying on-the-go items, like breakfast bars, in bulk. The upfront cost may be larger, but you’ll save more in the long run.

Credit Card Rates

One of our best, easy money-saving tips is to go straight to the people who take your money and ask them to take less. Negotiating better rates on credit cards can be as simple as merely asking. Sure, they might say no, but sometimes, they are more than willing to assist.

Price Guarantees

When you need simple ways to save money on holiday shopping, price guarantees are the best. Retailers like New Egg have the electronics you covet and let you shop worry-free. If the price drops, you can have the difference in many instances, using their Price Match Guarantee.

If you start with these easy money-saving tips, you can make a dent in your expenses just in time for the holidays. Simple changes really can add up to big pay-outs, allowing you to have a holiday to remember.

Keep your home warm and cozy for the holidays without the major heating bills when you use a programmable thermostat.


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