Celebrate the Holidays at Work: How to Show Appreciation for Your Coworkers


By Rachel Moran

Want to know how to show appreciation for each of your coworkers and celebrate the holidays at work? First, it’s important to remember that people might celebrate on different days and in their own ways. Beyond that, think of it like you would any other holiday gift prep: Your efforts are a reflection of how much you appreciate the person all year long. Let our handy guide help you navigate the holidays at work with some of these professional displays of gratitude:


Greenery is the ideal gift for a coworker: Not only do plants remove impurities in the air, enhancing air quality in your space, but they also add organic character to your work environment. There are a variety of green plants and winter blooms or foliage that aren’t holiday-specific, allowing your coworker to enjoy the gift throughout the season. If you’re looking for something a little more festive and eye-catching, a striped flower variety, like these Candy Cane Lilies, look beautiful among any holiday decorations.

Holiday Lunches

Many companies host a holiday lunch to show appreciation for their employees. You can do the same with smaller groups and foot the bill as a gift. If you know your coworkers love grabbing pizza on Fridays, arrange a lunch in advance with a few special touches. If you’re a home chef, bring in trays of your killer mac ‘n’ cheese and a big salad for everyone to split—or skip straight to the cookies. It’s hard not to appreciate the sweet stuff this time of year.

Scented Candles

There’s a lot more behind a scented candle than meets the nose: Scent is a major part of memory, and as such, we associate certain scents with certain people in our lives and experiences we’ve shared. Selected with care, there are thousands of unique scented candles that can really speak to that bond. Does the dad in IT always have stories about his weekend camping? Gift him the Carolina Candle Cozy Campfire candle. Has your coworker asked your advice about dropping hints so she can finally get a cashmere sweater this year? Try the Winter Cashmere candle. If there’s a story behind it, candles can be a really meaningful gift.


You might be wondering how to show appreciation if your office limits the amount of money you can spend on gifts for coworkers. Consider giving IOUs that are funny and playful. Coworkers might appreciate coupons for things like staying late on a Friday, dealing with a cranky customer, or unjamming the photocopier. Although these IOUs are somewhat frivolous, they convey that you can count on each other when a job needs to get done. What’s more, IOUs are quick and easy to put together last minute.

With a little bit of planning, you can make this year’s holidays at work fun, light hearted, and celebratory for everyone!

Scent plays a major part in memory. Get your coworkers scented candles that actually mean something this year.


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