Holiday Decorating Tips: To DIY or Not DIY?


By Jessica D Festa

Looking for holiday decorating tips? It can be tough to decide when to opt for DIY holiday decor and when to purchase new. Crafting decorations yourself can be a budget-savvy tactic—not to mention a fun way to bring the family closer during the holidays—but certain items last longer when you invest.

Check out the following holiday decorating tips and plan your strategy for this year’s festivities. Pro advice: Choose your aesthetic (rustic, vintage, classic, or elegant) beforehand, so you can pick colors and accents accordingly.

Decor to DIY:

1. Upcycle Bottles for Festive Accents

Don’t throw those Mason jars and used wine bottles into the trash—you’re actually in possession of DIY holiday decor gold!

After washing your jars or bottles with rubbing alcohol and soapy water and letting them dry completely, paint them in your favorite holiday colors. Acrylic enamel paint from Walmart works well on glass, and it looks gorgeous if you incorporate splashes of gold and silver.

You can paint your containers in solid colors or use a holiday stencil set to enhance creativity. Two coats of paint is best, and you should wait 24 hours in between coats. Once you’ve finished painting, you can fill with a holiday bouquet from 1-800-Flowers and place around the house for a festive touch.

2. Craft Your Own Ornaments

You can easily make your own ornaments by purchasing clear plastic balls and filling them with festive touches of your choosing like glitter, faux snow, or additions of holiday florals and greenery. Whatever you can fit inside that you fancy can work—think holiday berries, pearls, small bells, ribbon, and more.

DIY ornaments

3. Place Ornaments in Unlikely Places

First, you’ll want to find some fun vessels, such as serving trays or bowls, votive holders, and vases. Then, simply add in a few ornaments (including the ones you just made). Finish it off with some holiday-themed twine or mistletoe—or any other festive touch—to lend extra holiday spirit to a beautiful DIY centerpiece.

Decor to Purchase:

1. Artificial Tree

Buying an artificial tree is fast and easy—and best of all, it can be used again, year after year.

Wayfair has an impressive selection of artificial trees, from a stunning all-white option to a quirkier upside-down tree that all hardcore Dr. Seuss fans would love. Consider the myriad options when purchasing, such as pre-lit, potted, and fiber optic trees.

Artificial tree

2. Dazzling Holiday Lights

While you can certainly use holiday lights in your DIY holiday decor projects, you’ll need to buy them first.

Nowadays, there are so many types and varieties of lights, so selecting the perfect string depends on where you’ll put them and how they’ll be used. Some simple mini white string lights can create an elegant look, whereas the larger, colored bulbs offer a hint of nostalgia.

3. A Prop to Cozy Up

When researching holiday decorating tips, don’t forget to grab some holiday pillows. Adding a few to the various rooms in your house is an easy way to make your space cozier—especially if there’s snow.

From simple beaded wreath designs to vintage images of Santa, Wayfair offers a variety of large pillows for the season.

If you follow these tips, your unique personality is sure to shine through while also maximizing your time and effort this season for a perfect holiday.

Wayfair offers a gorgeous selection of artificial trees for the holidays!


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