Privacy in the Digital Age: Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe Online


By Evan Wade

The more our devices do for us, the more important privacy and security become. This idea has become a major concern in recent years, and with good reason: Maintaining privacy in the digital age isn’t always easy, and you don’t always have to make a mistake for malicious people or software to breach the devices housing your sensitive information.

With that said, the majority of attacks and breaches are preventable—which is great news, considering how much damage even a single attack can cause. When thinking about how to stay safe on the internet, make sure to keep on top of basic security practices that can protect your data, secure your identity, and even save you money. Read up on these tips to keep both you and your family secure:

Educate Yourself and Others

While technical settings are a crucial aspect of privacy in the digital age, keeping users educated is even more important. This is because the vast majority of breaches start with social engineering. If you’ve ever seen a “phishing” email that looked almost convincing enough to trick you, you know how easy it can be to fall prey.

What’s more, although you may already have a strong sense of security awareness, there’s no accounting for what others in your home might do. In these situations, antivirus/security solutions, such as Malwarebytes, can be very useful. Malwarebytes is designed to provide comprehensive protection, so you can breathe easier without standing over your kid’s shoulder every time they go online. Throw in a browser extension, like Avast, which makes it easier to identify and avoid malicious links, and you’ve gone a long way in showing your loved ones how to stay safe on the internet.

Implement Password Protection

In other instances, short or predictable passwords may be the “weak link” that results in an attack—and automated solutions are more effective than trying to police your family’s password behavior.

Here, LastPass can be a lifesaver. The software generates complex passwords, then autofills web pages so you don’t have to memorize them yourself. Even better, you can add two-factor authentication to ensure you have access to your passwords anywhere you go. Enter the authentication key the program texts to you and you can enter a secure password into any device you use.

Fight Financial Fraud

Some breaches have little to do with your own security measures. Take the surprising number of sites that mismanage credit card data, for example—if they’re ever attacked, your financial info could easily fall into their hands.

If this is a concern for you, Credit Card Nanny could be your new favorite extension. The software identifies sites that send plan (read: unencrypted) payment data to administrators and warns you before you’re able to make a purchase. It may sound insignificant, but the extension could be all that stands between your financial info and the cyberattacker targeting the vendors you buy from.

Take a Comprehensive Approach

These solutions do a great job of managing individual aspects of your digital security. Bitdefender differs from these in the scope of protection it provides: Whether you’re worried about your child’s smartphone activity; your spouse’s tendency to lose their tablet; or your own security concerns, such as ransomware and webcam breaches, this security package can help.

Bitdefender is a perfect match for the connected family. Instead of buying piecemeal solutions to match each one of your digital security concerns, the platform covers nearly any device you or your family uses, and in multiple ways. For instance, you can deploy it to monitor your child’s internet activity or to protect your desktop or laptop against questionable email attachments and suspicious links—and that’s just a few of the dozens of security features this holistic solution provides.

By staying vigilant and getting ahead of potential cyberattacks using these tips, you can more effectively maintain your privacy in the digital age.

Keep your passwords secure with LastPass.


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