Productivity Tips: How to Be More Productive


By Jessica D Festa

With the holidays and New Year’s fast approaching, the number one question people are asking is how to be more productive. It’s common to research productivity tips during the holiday season—a joyous but sometimes chaotic time of year. Pile holiday shopping, family dinners, and New Year’s resolutions on top of finishing work from the current year, and there’s a lot to think about. Luckily, the following tactics can be implemented to get things done.

Keep Your To-Do Lists Organized

It can be difficult keeping up with holiday tasks, let alone work, family, and daily life. This is where the free app can help. If you’re craving productivity tips,—available on iOS and Android—lets you schedule tasks and even group them into lists. The app syncs with most calendar apps where you can view tasks in a calendar, list, or grid format.

When you’re learning how to be more productive, it’s helpful to rank your tasks in order of importance. facilitates this by letting you mark specific to-dos as a priority. It also allows you to add sub-tasks, reminders, and share your tasks with others (so you’re not all alone in getting the holiday shopping done). You can even create a task with voice control.

Have a One-Stop Gift-Buying Shop

During the holidays, deciding what to buy loved ones can zap most of your time and productivity. Instead of surfing 101 different stores, use Belk to get all of your gifts in one place. It’s all there—clothing, shoes, jewelry, housewares, and holiday items. Plus, they offer a ton of sales and free shipping on qualifying orders.

The great thing about buying your gifts from one shop is that they’re easier to track. Less holiday stress? Yes, please!

Start the Day With a Workout

The answer to how to be more productive may actually lie in doing something unrelated to your task list. Richard Branson begins his days at 5 a.m. running, playing tennis, or kitesurfing. Likewise, Oprah hits the treadmill before diving into work.

For many highly successful people, exercise not only keeps them healthy, but focused as well. As Branson said to CNBC, “Exercise and family time put me in a great mind frame before getting down to business.”

Whether you’re doing “business” or another type of work, why not take a lesson from these go-getters. You can purchase an at-home yoga kit to avoid wasting time driving to the gym. Pair your yoga routine with a meditation app like Headspace or The Mindfulness App and you’ll be in the right mindset to get things done.

Have a Last-Minute Go-To

It happens—you were running around, buying gifts for 36 people when you realized you totally forgot your sister’s birthday or your cousin’s graduation.

There’s a quick and easy solution. 1-800-Flowers offers same day delivery (on specified items). Meaning you can get that bouquet of roses, fruit basket, bonsai garden, or truffle box to the recipient without anyone ever knowing you had a momentary lapse of memory. They also sell more than tasty treats and plants—jewelry, teddy bears, housewares, and messages in bottles.

Work in Batches

One of the best productivity tips you can utilize is working in batches. It can be tempting to want to get everything done at once; however, what you’ll end up doing is getting a little bit of everything done, but nothing actually completed.

Block out times to work on your tasks. Write them down in your planner—or note them in your app—and write out deadlines to help make them real. Give yourself enough time to reach your targets so that you can work slow and steady. This allows you to complete tasks efficiently instead of just knocking them off your list.

Follow the above productivity tips, and you won’t need to worry about how to be more productive. Instead, your friends will be coming to you for your personal efficiency recipe!

1-800-Flowers offers same-day delivery for those last-minute holiday gifts!


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