Keeping New Year’s Resolutions: The Most Helpful Apps for Success


By Bethany Johnson

Staying on track with goals can be challenging, and sometimes life has a way of throwing curveballs just when you need the stability for keeping New Year’s resolutions. The problem isn’t usually in making commitments, it’s sticking to them.

Need assistance? Here are some of the most helpful apps depending on your goals:

Get Healthy

It won’t surprise you to learn that losing weight and getting fit tops the list of the most common New Year’s resolutions every January, a fact reiterated by experts at the University of California San Diego Health. A tool like the New Balance mobile app can help you set and measure your fitness goals, track workouts, and shop for gear that supports your new exercise habit. And for your renewed commitment to eating fresh foods more regularly, get the FreshDirect mobile app on your phone or iPad, so you’re never out of lean meats, veggies, or recipe ideas.

Get Debt Under Control

Saving money, digging out of debt, and spending more wisely is the next most popular commitment Americans make every January. To help you accomplish these goals, download Mint, one of the most helpful apps for getting spending under control. With the app, you can link your account, bills, and lines of credit to see everything in one place—including how every deposit and expenditure affects your overall picture in real time. When it comes to financial goals, keeping New Year’s Resolutions has never been easier.

Get Promoted at Work

Maybe your ambitions are a little more business-oriented. Do you plan on gunning for a big promotion this year? Download a mobile app that customizes your to-do list with personalized labels, location-based notifications and reminders, task tracking, and the ability to attach PDFs, spreadsheets, and images. Todoist does it all—this app can pay for itself in boosted productivity.

Get Accountability

One way to ensure that you’re set up for keeping New Year’s resolutions is to enlist a buddy. Find someone you trust who can check in on your progress and vice versa. One of the most helpful apps available is based on accountability—Irunurun can be applied to nearly any goal. From working on your French verb conjugation to practicing a new musical instrument to attending your regular volunteering commitment on time—this mobile app can help you track both your progress and your friends’.

How will you do things differently this year? Sheer determination and helpful resources can propel you further. Tool up now so that your New Year’s resolutions will be successful well past January.

Don't go it alone this year. Keeping New Year's resolutions (especially healthy ones!) is a lot easier with tools like the New Balance mobile app. Get it here.


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