New Year’s Resolution Tips: Setting Realistic Goals


By Jessica D Festa

Let’s be honest. While you want the new year to equal a new you, setting realistic goals and keeping them can be difficult. And that’s okay because this year will be different. Try these New Year’s resolution tips for a successful 2018.

Choose One Attainable Goal

Start with the essentials for success. Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds in two weeks, set realistic goals and give yourself an attainable timeline.

You can track your goals and timelines with the help of some smart organization. Newegg offers a monthly planner crafted from recycled materials where you can physically write down your goal and deadline. In between, you can set mini-deadlines that help you reach your larger goal. For example, if you want to run a marathon by September, you might schedule a 5k in the spring and a half marathon in the summer.

Make Your Goal Public

Along with writing your goal down in a planner, think about announcing it to the public. This works because it makes the objective real and holds you more accountable versus if it’s just something in your head that can easily be put off until next year. Let your Facebook friends know, post weekly updates on Instagram, and let friends know at the end of the year party.

While you’re at it, you might also consider recruiting some friends to join. In fact, the American Society of Training & Development notes that on your own you have a 65 percent chance of success; however, if you commit to a goal with someone else that number goes up to 95 percent. offers meetups in hundreds of cities, and features groups focused on diving into a ton of different interests and hobbies. If you’re looking for a support group, you’ll likely find it there. Alternatively, you could start a Facebook group where you share updates and challenges, and invite friends to take part.

Nix the All or Nothing Mindset

When setting realistic goals, it can feel natural to punish yourself mentally or physically—such as depriving yourself of a meal when trying to lose weight. It’s important to realize you’re human and that sometimes you’re going to mess up and that’s okay.

What’s important is not giving up just because of one or two slip-ups. Instead, grab a journal and note what made you step out of your journey momentarily and what you might change to keep it from happening again. Then, hop back on the path toward success.

Make Wins Visible

Instead of punishing yourself when you fall off, utilize positive reinforcement by celebrating wins when you get closer to your big goals. One of the best New Year’s resolution tips is finding a way to remind yourself of triumphs. For example, you might set up a lovely day planner shadow box in your workspace or bedroom and add photographs, letters, and other reminders of accomplishment inside.

Putting wins out in the open makes setting realistic goals and sticking with them much easier.

Love Yourself

This is probably the most important of our New Year’s resolution tips. Whether you complete your goal early or late or slip up, it’s important to love yourself every step of the way. If you keep a positive attitude about your goals and yourself, it’ll be easier to achieve what you set out to do and enjoy the process along the way.

This planner from Newegg will help you keep goals on track (plus it's eco-friendly!).


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