The Future of Technology: Three Tech Trends to Watch in 2018


By Evan Wade

What does the new year mean to you? While most of us see it as a time to update our desk calendars or promise ourselves to make more time for the gym, there’s also the future of technology to think about. Now that the earliest days of 2018 are upon us, let’s take a look at some of the top trends in tech innovation you can expect to enjoy as the year rolls on.

1. A Bigger Focus on Security

If 2017 wasn’t the year you secured your digital assets, you’d be well-advised to make sure you do so in 2018. Ransomware—malware that locks down your computer and then demands a ransom of hundreds or even thousands of dollars to give it back—has become a billion-dollar industry, and that’s just one of the countless threats that can destroy your data, steal your money, or both.

Fortunately, evading most cyber attacks is easy if the right precautions are in place. For instance, a computer with scheduled backups and a high-performance backup drive like Western Digital’s 4Tb Desktop Hard Drive is a ransomware criminal’s worst nightmare. If your data is ransomed, you can simply roll back to a previous backup point.

Luckily, it’s easy to set up and automate the process in no time. Make sure you get it done before you actually need it; you’ll thank yourself when an attack hits. Security is part of the future of technology.

2. VR: A New Way to Game and Consume Media

Virtual reality (commonly referred to as VR) has been hailed as the future of technology for a long time now, but this tech innovation has been slow to see consumer adoption. The proverbial ball finally started rolling in 2017, though, and the trend is guaranteed to carry into the new year.

PC users should have the most flexibility when it comes to which VR platform they use. Systems like the Oculus Rift Touch Virtual Reality System come packed with games illustrating tech innovation and its amazing potential; while the HTC Vive is another entry point to consider if you want something a little more powerful. This isn’t to say console users are completely out of the loop; however, it’s important to note that the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR has earned rave reviews, too.

No matter which platform you use, 2018 should be the year VR headsets go from novelty to worthwhile accessory. With new video and game content making their debuts on a daily basis, it’s only a matter of time until that must-have finally hits digital shelves—have your headset of choice in place and you’ll be ready when it does.

3. Smartwatches, Smartwatches Everywhere

Smartwatches, another tech innovation with a long path to market, also gained traction in 2017. By choosing a gadget that matches the smartphones and tablets you currently use, you’ll get a wrist-mounted helper that seamlessly connects to your daily tech life in numerous ways.

Apple device users should consider the Apple Watch Series 3 line. Its continuity feature ensures the watch and any connected computers and smartphones work well together. For example, you can read a text on your watch and respond through your phone, or control your iTunes playlist from your watch.

Meanwhile, Android users have a solid alternative via Android Wear. The LG Watch Sport (among other devices) brings similar functionality to Android phones and tablets as the Apple Watch, with the incredibly useful Google Assistant at the helm of it all. You can tell your watch to place a call or use it to check progress on a GPS beacon you set via your phone.

No matter which you choose, 2018 is sure to be the year smartwatches take a life of their own. If you’re the type of person who lives by the phone in your pocket, a watch makes for a perfect wrist-based companion to all of your digital activity—and they look pretty sharp, too.

Secure your data from ransomware and other nasty attacks with Western Digital's My Book, available from Newegg.


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